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The popular show Bigg Boss 15 is among the leading shows of the television sector. There are numerous new entries in the show since the last few days. In the weekend episode, there were three new contestants who entered the house as a wild card. There have been rumors about the actor, Zain Imam, to be entering the show Bigg Boss 15 but he has finally shared that he will not be a part of the show for now.

The actor shared in the interview with Etimes TV, “I don’t even watch the show, why will I enter as a wild card contestant ” he says. “If I want to do the show, I will be a part of it from the first day. The makers of Bigg Boss have been approaching me for three years now, but I have not thought about whether I want to participate in it. I believe in keeping a low profile and the show is anything but that. I am not ready right now to create content on Bigg Boss and get into fights and drama. If in the future, I feel comfortable, I will accept it.”

The Ek Bhram…Sarvagun Sampanna fame actor has not been seen in television shows for the past two years. It is his self-imposed break from television. He was part of a music video and also did a web show in the last few months. He added, “I continue to get offers for television shows but it was getting monotonous. So I decided to take a break and introspect. I have been wanting to do different things and venture into other zones. I would like to focus on the web, films or create good content. I was not able to do this when I was continously doing TV.”

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