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World Anaesthesia Day is observed on October 16 each year. This day is celebrated to remember the first successful use of diethyl ether anaesthesia in the year 1846. Anaesthesia plays a very important role in setting a patient into brief unconsciousness and numbing the pain during surgical procedures and other painful medical procedures. 

On World Anaesthesia Day, the WFSA (World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists), focuses on a different aspect of anaesthesia care every year to understand the role of anaesthesiologists and the sheer importance of anaesthesia. Know the history and significance of this day below.



It was on October 16, 1846, when one of the most historic events in the history of medicine occurred. This was the day when the first dose of anaesthesia was administered at the General Hospital of Massachusetts. Anaesthesia makes the patient lose consciousness for a brief amount of time to numb the pain during surgical procedures.

This day is celebrated by the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists every year with more than 134 societies of anesthesiologists from all over the world.


World Anaesthesia Day is celebrated on October 16 every year to mark the medical breakthrough that involved the use of anaesthesia in numbing pain during surgical procedures.



It has been 170 years since the first anaesthetic procedure and the medical breakthroughs. World Anaesthesia Day is observed to educate the public, celebrate the achievements of the global anaesthesia community.

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