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Kranti Redkar and Sameer Wankhede are proud parents to twin babies namely, Zyda and Ziya. On the occasion of Mother’s day, Kranti took to social media to pen a heartwarming note for her daughters. While doing so, she also shared her experience of embracing motherhood. Kranti Redkar wrote, “Happy Mother’s Day to me .. it’s been a roller coaster I am not kidding.. I will never be the same as I was before I delivered ZYDA AND ZIYA . It’s me , a new person. Vulnerable, always scared, emotional yet strong , always divided between two worlds, always divided between two babies. Today I am a superwoman who can go to any length to do anything for my babies. I use to wonder when I read miraculous stories about these mothers who did unbelievable things for their kids , how did they ? From where did they gather that strength? Today I get it.. it comes as a bi-product of being a mother. With no special efforts a mother can do wonders , she can sacrifice everything she has to see her baby smile just once .. I feel blessed and privileged that the almighty has given me an opportunity in this lifetime to experience this bliss.”

Photo Credit : Kranti Redkar Instagram