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Our hair washing routine has always been shampoo, lather, condition and wash off. This ritual has been the same for as long as we could remember. And it has been working pretty well for most of us. But some of us are still suffering from dull, limp and lifeless hair. If your mane still refuses to show lustre and life, try reverse hair washing. 

What is reverse hair washing? 

It is actually quite simple. All you have to do is reverse your regular hair washing process. Start by conditioning your damp hair and rinse followed by shampooing. This helps to wash off any residue left on the scalp by the conditioner, and so the hair is not weighed down. For those who have an oily scalp, fine or limp hair, this trick can bring back life to your locks. 


Benefits of reverse hair washing 

This technique will help repair the hair follicle before cleansing the scalp, which makes the hair look healthier and hydrated. Some have also claimed that reverse hair washing also helps add some texture to flat, dull hair. 

However, in order to prevent the possibility of dry and rough ends, opt for reverse hair washing only once a week. Also, for the dry ends, you may apply a generous amount of conditioner, but do not rinse it. Just a splash of water should be enough, followed by the regular shampoo. 


Who should opt for reverse hair washing? 

Anyone who is dealing with dull and lifeless hair can try reverse hair washing. It is particular;y useful for those who have fine hair or an oily scalp. It helps condition the hair without weighing it down. 

Even if you have thick or dry hair, this technique can help add some texture to your locks. People who refrain from using conditioner due to hair fall and suffer from dry ends, this technique can be a boon for you.   

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