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Travelers Season 4 | Canceled or extended?
Travelers Season 4 | Canceled or extended?

Travelers is a Canadian-American sci-fi television drama series created by Brad Wright. Netflix and Canadian specialty channel Showcase have co-produced the first two seasons, while Netflix is ​​only producing the third season.

The series focuses on the lives of five agents who will live hundreds of years from now. They find a way to return consciousness through time into the body of people of the 21st century.

The agent had to perform the task of saving the world in a team while preserving the lives of the people whose bodies they entered. The first season of the series hit the screen in Canada October 17, 2016, and worldwide on December 23, 2016. A second season came out in 2017 and a third season in 2018. Now the fans eagerly await the next season.

What will the potential plot of Travelers season 4 be?

As we know Netflix has officially canceled season 4 of the series, we don’t know what the plot for season 4 will be. However, we can predict that the fourth season will likely be about the second version of the Traveler Program as the first. The program’s version was completed in the Season 3 finale. Since the series has yet to be renewed, we can only hope for renewal.

Travelers Season 4 |  Canceled or extended?

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