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Manjamma Jogati, a transgender folk dancer, received the Padma Shri award for her contribution to the arts on Tuesday. According to a report in India Today, Manjamma Jogati was fifteen years old when her family shunned her for being transgender and never allowed her back home as she did not ‘fit in’. After being abandoned Manjamma took to begging on the streets for her survival. 

Speaking with India Today, Manjamma Jogati said in Kannada that she learnt to perform folk dance, Jogathi Nrithya, in order to meet her ends. She became so good at it that former Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa appointed her the president of the Karnataka Janapada Academy, a government body for performing arts. She has been instrumental in popularizing the folk art forms practised in rural Karnataka, Maharashtra and parts of Andhra Pradesh.

After being honoured with the award, Manjamma Jogati reportedly said that her aim is to encourage the government to recognise the rights of the transgender community and provide them with jobs and education. She further urged people to not corner them and families should accept children like her. 

Manjamma Jogati wished President Ram Nath Kovind luck with a unique gesture during the Padma Awards ceremony on Tuesday. In a video clip tweeted by news agency ANI, Manjamma Jogati approaches the President and then makes a gesture that many in social media said was to wish him luck. She then receives the award, with a warm smile that won hearts. 

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