TMKOC, 21st October 2021, Written Update: 30 minutes for Taarak to finish a task  » sarkariaresult


In today’s episode, Sundar sends Jethalal a video message. While watching the video, he accidentally sits on Bapuji. When Bapuji pushes him and hears them yell, Babita flees. While Babita is watching them, Jethalal attempts to stop Bapuji from shouting, but Bapuji makes the situation funny. Babita delivers Jethalal the letter. Bapuji and Jethalal attempt to read the letter, but it is written in English. As a result, he considers seeking assistance from Taarak. 

Taarak prepares to depart for work. Anjali comes over to hand him his lunch box and tells him she’s cooked him a mix-vegetable Daliya and strawberry salad. Taarak frowns as he listens to the food Anjali has prepared for him.

Taarak receives a call from his boss. Taarak’s boss expresses concern that his wife is refusing to speak to him as a result of Taarak’s mistake. Taarak inquires as to what mistake his boss is referring to. According to the boss, his wife asked that he give her birth certificate, which he was unable to find, and this became the source of their conflict. Boss says that the certificate is with Taarak. He gives Taarak 30 minutes to find the birth certificate and says that in half an hour if he can’t come up with the birth certificate, he asks Taarak to resign. 

Taarak looks for the birth certificate. Anjali notifies Jethalal of the issue when he arrives at their house. Jethalal asks Taarak a series of questions that annoy him. Jethalal requests his assistance in deciphering the bank notice. Taarak shouts that he’s too busy and doesn’t have time for it.  Taarak picks up the phone and says he’s still on the search and will check it out at the office. Jethalal grabs the lunchbox from Anjali and says he’ll give it to Taarak. In the middle, Babita runs into him. He insists that Taarak read the letter before handing over the box. Taarak becomes enraged, screams, and leaves.

Stay tuned to find out what happens next.