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The Succession series three power rankings: who will be ‘boy number one’?
The Succession series three power rankings: who will be ‘boy number one’?

A lifetime ago, in the heady days of 2019, succession ended its phenomenal second run on the craziest cliffhangers. With the dogs circling Waystar Royco – a Congressional investigation into sexual abuse and cover-ups on cruises; Stewie and Sandy get support for their bear hug; shareholders itch – Kendall Roy dropped the bomb. After ten episodes of wandering like a pathetic, eroded wrestling skin of his former self, he had seemingly agreed to his father’s (Brian Cox) demand that he take the blame for everything. But in the closing minutes of the finale, at a press conference meant to make him fall on his own sword, the old Hamletian glint returned to his eye, and he turned the blade to Daddy instead. “The truth is that my father is an evil presence, a bully and a liar, and he was personally fully aware of these events for years and made efforts to hide and cover it up.” Drop microphone. Logan Roy watched in the distance, the slightest hint of a grin on his face.

And then the pandemic happened, the whole world stopped and production of a show defined in part by its blatant globetrotting (in the first and second series, the Roys took luxurious excursions to Dundee, Iceland, Hungary, London, Surrey and Croatia) came to a standstill for over a year. All things considered, when the show returns on Monday, October 18, it will be 24 months since Kendall’s turnaround.

So, to refresh our memories of where all our favorite horrible people stood when the credits rolled all that time ago, we’ve ranked the runners and riders for the Waystar Royco throne as we weigh who is most likely to win. all after Kendall’s big power play.

11. Connor

HBO/Macall Polay

The most useless of all Roys (and, somehow, the most detestable) remains dead bottom of the pile. His presidential campaign hasn’t picked up a real pace yet — even his own family thinks he’s a joke — and he blew a seemingly significant chunk of his fortune on Willa’s sand-mite-infested, critically blotted out game.

10. Karl