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The Big Picture started another quiz contest for their viewers to make them win thousands of rupees daily.

This quiz contest is different from Ghar Baithe Jeeto and Bano Lakhpati contest.

The Big Picture Quiz is started from 18th October 2021 only on Voot app and website.

It’s tagline is Har Roz Naya Sawal Har Roz Hazaron Ka Inaam!

Check out below for all the daily questions and answers asked on Voot.

The Big Picture Question 18th October 2021

Q1: Her father is a legend in which sport? (In English)

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A. TennisB. Squash
C. Table TennisD. Badminton

Q1: इनके पिता किस खेल के दिग्गज खिलाड़ी रहे है? (हिंदी में)

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A. टेनिसB. स्क्वाश
C. टेबल टेनिसD. बैडमिंटन

Correct Answer: Option D

Note: You will have to submit your answer within 24 hours of asking the question.

**we will keep adding the question and answer daily at 8:00 PM.

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