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Riverdale season 6 premiere date on The CW; will it be the last season?
Riverdale season 6 premiere date on The CW; will it be the last season?

Considering that tonight is the Season 5 finale, what better time than the present to get a Riverdale season 6?

There are a few different things to dive into here, but the best place to start is just with the good news: first, the show has been revamped for most of the year! It had to be, since filming started months ago and needed the writing staff to get the story together.

All things considered, you won’t be waiting that long to see what’s in store for you either. While typical CW shows have a hiatus of at least four and a half months, Riverdale Season 6 will actually premiere in a new timeslot on Tuesday, November 16 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time. The show will follow The flash, that’s another long-standing hit on the network with an extremely dedicated audience.

So what questions are left now? The biggest one for us has to do with the long-term future as Season 6 / Season 7 is starting to get a bit more difficult for long-running shows. Original cast options will soon expire, and that will raise questions about whether the core wants to move on and do other things. Many of the Riverdale actors have been doing movie projects in the off-season, so will they switch over and do more of that full time? All we hope is that if some great cast members to be interested in leaving soon, Riverdale recognizes it in advance and decides to close the show. The ensemble is one of the reasons this works and personally we prefer an early conclusion to something that takes a little too long.

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