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Vansh visited Riddhima in her room and ordered her to stop and break marriage and Riddhima refused and they have argument and later before leaving Vansh forcefully kissed Riddhima and after that he leave from there leaving crying Riddhima behind.

Now Shot time…👇


As soon as Vansh left from her room Riddhima started sobbing loudly on her destiny for the first time she felt disgusting with her own self after that lustful touch of Vansh roam over her body and that forced kiss by him and crying Riddhima gather her stamina and rush to bathroom and she started every water source and she stand beneath shower and same time keep emptying bucket full of water on her body just to remove that touch of that devil from her body but she is unable to forget that touch and she broken into pieces once again remembering all the torture of devil name Vansh done on her and same time his words started ringing in her ears and mind

“Riddhima I want you to stop and break this marriage…”
“I am out of my mind and my senses after seeing you. And now you are driving me crazy with passing of each moment…”
“Listen, me carefully, I am mad for you now and from now only I am the one who can stand with you and can call you mine so just stop this bl**dy marriage with that looser Kabir. And you are mine now that’s final….”

“I do not want to leave you I damn want you and keep one thing in your mind every yes and no of your will gonna affect your life from now..”

Every word of him, his rage, his aggression, his obsession for her, his lustful possessive nature for her are yet sending shiver to her spine and she felt helpless and weak for the first time in her life and she screamed loudly and she thought of informing all to her father who have always protected her and she just come out of shower and get ready in her comfy dress and come out of washroom and she stand in front of mirror to get ready and before she can come out from her room her mother’s loud scream catch her attention…

And she rush there and find her father lying unconscious on land and she called doctor immediately and doctor checked him and informed that due to all this pressure and all this his blood pressure was unstable and he became unconscious once again Riddhima felt helpless as she do not want to give more tension to her father and alone she’ve to fight with devil Vansh and she silently cried over her fate and she sat beside her father and soon her father find her more silent then usual and lost somewhere so lovingly he caresses her hair with father’s love and care and ask

Anant: What happened beta???

Riddhima controlling her urge to inform all fact to her father she just nod her head in negative and hug her father silently finding solace in fatherly warmth and unknowingly her tears started making her way from her eyes and wetting her father’s shirt and seeing her daughter crying Anant’s heart skipped heartbeat because he is not able to see his only daughter crying and he cupped her face and speak

Anant: Riddhu, What happened???😮


Riddhima: Nothing papa, I am just feeling heavy with all this… 😦


And Anant thought that her daughter is feeling heavy as she has to leave home soon and he caressed her hair and speak

Anant: Riddhu, Kabir is good guy plus we are in same city beta and any time you can visit us its your home.

Riddhima nod in positive and she leave from there to her room after taking promise from her father that he’ll not take tension and will take care of himself and as soon as Riddhima enter in her room she lost her control over her tears and she cried her heart out and she too do not know when she drift to sleep.

Scene from Raisinghania mansion

As soon as Vansh left from her room he did not wait for anything and without biding bye to Anant Roy he left from there and drive his car towards his mansion like a maniac and all this while his mind is busy in thinking about Riddhima and her words and he remembered how she refused to him, insulted him by her words but at last remembering his kiss he smirked and does his signature smirk and he entered inside silent mansion and he remembered that his parents are not in India and he drag himself towards bar of mansion and he lost in his imagination and keep drinking and almost after emptying whole bottle of whisky his mind once again crave for seeing Riddhima and touch her…

And without any other thinking he drive his car to Roy mansion and silently he peeped inside and he sneeked in Riddhima’s room and there he find her sleeping and he lock door and sit beside her and look at her face and he found it pale and yet her dry tears are there and he just move his hand over that skin and Riddhima jerked due to his touch and open her eyes and next second he shut her mouth by his hand before she can scream.

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