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Baahubali star Prabhas has earned a massive fan following not only in India but also has a huge fan base internationally. Fans of the actor leave no stone unturned to catch a glimpse of him, be it at the airport or while he is shooting for his films. At times, they end up doing insane things to click photos or to catch his glimpse. Well, Prabhas turns a year older on October 23, and there is an immense buzz on social media. 

The celebrations are going to be massive, no less like a festival. While we wait to know what his fans have planned on his birthday, here’s a look at all the crazy things done by Prabhas’s fans. 

Russian fan getting his name tattooed:

Post Baahubali’s release in Russia last year, Prabhas had left an everlasting impact on the Russian girls. He is a heartthrob, like always! One of the crazy female fans from Russia also got his name tattooed on her back. That’s insane and if you don’t believe it, take a look at the photos below. 

A female fan slaps him:

While Prabhas was shooting for Saaho in Los Angeles, and the excited fan was seen jumping in joy as she saw him at the airport. She took a photo with him and after that, casually slapped him. Prabhas was literally taken aback for a moment with this kind of reaction. 

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Massive cutouts:

The celebration whenever Prabhas’ films are released, is no less than a festival. Massive cutouts of the actor are placed outside the theatres. Here’s a look at the cutout of the Baahubali actor placed outside Albert Theatre in Chennai during the release of Saaho. 

Fan On Cell Tower:

There is no denying that Prabhas is blessed with a crazy number of fans who adore and respect him. However, sometimes, these fans cross a limit and do insane things to showcase their love for him. One of his crazy fans had climbed a cell tower and demanded that Prabhas should come and meet him. While cops were trying their best to get the man down and stop him from doing the bizarre thing, the news about the same had taken social media by storm. 

Japanese fans pose outside his house: 

A few Japanese female fans during their visit to India made sure to catch a glimpse of their favourite Indian actor’s hometown, Hyderabad. They also posed outside his house in Hyderabad. Later, Prabhas had sent personalized autographed souvenir portraits in return to his fans from Japan. The letters sent by him had Prabhas’ photos with a message in Japanese, “I hope you have a Happy New Year!.”