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Cacturne originates from the third generation of Pokemon and is currently the 4-star raid boss in Pokemon GO. It evolves from Cacnea and is a Dark Grass type Pokemon. If the players use the right counters then they can defeat the Cacturne as it is a low power 3-star raid boss. Cacturne has seven weaknesses in pokemon and Pokemon GO that includes a weakness in which it deals double super effective damage to it. So it is very simple to pick counters against Cacturne as compared to the other pokemon.

Best counter for Cacturne 

Poison, Fairy, Ice, Fighting, Flying, Bug type and Fire moves make the Cacturne weak. The Bug type moves cause 256% damage to Cacturne in Pokemon Go. The players who match the Pokemon types to these moves provide a Same Type Attack Bonus and increase damage output towards the raid boss. 

Pokemon GO Cacturne raid counters for November 2021; Read more

Here are some Pokemon and moves that perform very well against the Cacturne in pokemon Go:

Fast Moves

  1. Frost Breath
  2. Air Slash
  3. Infestation
  4. Counter
  5. Powder Snow
  6. Struggle Bug
  7. Fury Cutter
  8. Low Kick
  9. Gust
  10. Fire Fang
  11. Fire Spin
  12. Bug Bite

Charge Moves

  1. Fire Blast
  2. Dynamic Punch
  3. Sky Attack
  4. Avalanche
  5. Aura Sphere
  6. Overheat
  7. Blizzard
  8. Bug Buzz
  9. Megahorn
  10. Focus Blast
  11. Brave Bird
  12. Flamethrower
  13. Sludge Bomb
  14. Blast Burn
  15. X- Scissor

Pokemon GO Cacturne raid counters for November 2021; Read more


  1. Crustle
  2. Blaziken
  3. Samurott
  4. Sirfetch’d
  5. Glaceon
  6. Galvantula
  7. Heatran
  8. Conkledurr
  9. Ninjask
  10. Moltres
  11. Mamoswine
  12. Braviary
  13. Chandelure
  14. Accelgor
  15. Lucario
  16. Leavanny
  17. Reshiram
  18. Durant
  19. Scolipede
  20. Heracross
  21. Scizor
  22. Pinsir
  23. Yanmega
  24. Escavalier
  25. Genesect
  26. Mega Venusaur
  27. Mega Abomasnow
  28. Mega Lopunny
  29. Mega Pidgeot
  30. Mega Houndoom
  31. Mega Charizard Y
  32. Mega Charizard X
  33. Mega Beedrill

The listed moves and Pokemon are one of the best ones to defeat the Cacturne in Pokemon Go. However, there are many more counters that can cause damage to the Cacturne. For more tech related news subscribe to our Youtube Channel if you haven’t done it yet. 

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