Parents protest admission closure

Parents protest admission closure

Parents protest admission closure Ahmedabad Students who passed their Class 10 examinations and are hoping to be admitted to the Class 11 class are expressing displeasure that the majority of private schools held admissions only for just one day. They later declared that the admissions process is over and they are refusing admission to numerous students.

Parents protest admission closure On Tuesday pupils who had been not allowed admission into class 11 of an institution located in Maninagar protested in front of the administration. The parents then met with the district education officer and filed a complaint in front of the officer. Parents complained that the school had abruptly ended admissions to the class of 11 after the admissions process was conducted for just one day. They refused admission to students who had a 70% or higher.

George Dias, the president of a parent group who spoke to the media, stated that there are just one or two grant-in-aid schools in the eastern portion of the capital city. He claimed that the majority of the students in the eastern regions as well as those from low-income families, are dependent on private schools, and this policy of the school administration is hindering their right to education. He added that parents will continue to protest until they receive justice.


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