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The Episode starts with Raavi asking Dhara to participate. Dhara refuses. Rishita asks what’s the problem. Dhara says Gautam is lying to me, he was with some girl at night. Raavi says maybe he was talking about work. Dhara says I know him since childhood, we are married since 10 years, I know he is lying. Raavi asks what shall I do, shall I die, I have to see Disha with Shiva every day, Disha killed Shiva that day. Gautam and everyone hear this. Gautam asks Shiva to come with him, and get a beating. Shiva says no. Rishita asks did Shiva kiss her back. Raavi says no, he didn’t, I wish to break their mouths. Rishita smiles. Dhara asks them to have breakfast. Rishita says how does it matter, Shiva and you are getting divorced. Raavi says Shiva is still my husband. She scolds him. He smiles. She says I will take part with you in the competition, I should know how much you know me, I think I understand you. They all smile.

Gautam says Shiva, look at her, she trusts you a lot, she is dreaming to win the best couple competition, you are thinking of Disha, very bad. He says we all are ready. Dhara says you all can participate, but I won’t participate with Gautam, until he tells me about the girl he was with, I want to hear the truth. Anita comes and says Gautam was with me last night, you want to know why. He worries. He asks Anita what are you doing, keep quiet. He asks Dhara do you believe her, not me. He says you have made me mad since yesterday. Dhara cries and asks really. Gautam says Anita, come with me. Anita asks why, let me tell the truth, doctor called Gautam, so he left Ramleela and went to meet her. Gautam asks her to stop it. Dhara asks why did doctor call Gautam. He shouts Anita and signs her not to say.

Anita says enough, let me tell the truth, Dhara, doctor called him to change your medicines, and advised him to keep you happy. Dhara asks are you lying now to save her. He asks Dhara to stop it, doesn’t she trust them. He says you had seen Anita with me, enough now, I m going to the shop, call me if you want to participate in the competition. Dhara asks why didn’t you tell this to me before, Anita is lying. Shiva says doctor asked us not to give stress to Dhara, if you lie to Dhara, then I will not leave you. Anita smiles.

Dhara asks what happened to you, why are you lying to me. Gautam goes. Shiva asks him to answer Dhara. Raavi asks what’s this new game, I won’t let you succeed. She consoles Dhara. She asks Dhara to go and get ready. She says Anita, you can never come between them. Anita says I told the truth to Dhara. Raavi asks her to stop meeting Gautam. Anita says fine, but if Gautam asks me to meet then I can’t refuse him. She goes. Janardhan tells Kamini about Pandyas insult. He says I won’t let Gautam’s dad’s dream get fulfilled, I will get that store. Kamini says Rishita will be home. He says I don’t want her back. Gautam gets rude towards a customer. Shiva and Dev see him and ask the matter. They ask Gautam to take care of Dhara. Gautam says you both will not understand it. Shiva says if you are doing wrong then.. Gautam says I m not doing anything wrong. Dev asks her to tell the truth to Dhara. Gautam says I went to the doctor and then met Anita on return. Shiva says at least tell the truth to me. Gautam throws slippers at them. He says you all are eating my head and putting affair into it, I will really have an affair. They ask him not to dare. He runs to beat them. They keep his slippers down. Dev says sorry, we can never dare so. He gets Rishita’s call. He says we have to go home and prepare for best couple competition, come. They leave.

Anita comes to meet Kamini. She says I came to give good news, I entered Gautam and Dhara’s lives as their friend. Kamini says go close to Gautam. Kirti comes. Anita leaves. She says she is Pandya family’s relative, what is she doing here. Kamini says I got to know her for Rishita’s sake, she can help us, don’t tell this to Rishita. Kirti agrees. Rishita asks Raavi to help her decide the dress. Raavi says you look pretty in any dress, you can wear these earrings. Rishita thanks her. She asks her not to behave like Dhara. Raavi says Anita is the reason for this, she wanted to marry Gautam. Rishita says you know Gautam since childhood, he can’t see anything else than Dhara. Raavi says I know he loves Dhara, but Anita… Rishita says Anita is sweet, try to understand, Anita isn’t married, she is young, stop it now, like Dev and you… Raavi stops her. Rishita says sorry, I mean to say you loved Dev but he regards you a friend, no need of doubt now, else I will doubt Dev and you. Raavi thinks no one is understanding me, it may get late till I explain them.

Suman asks Disha to get ready and come. Suman says Suman has planned to make Disha and Shiva take part. Rishita asks her to say what to do. Everyone comes in the competition. Suman calls Disha.

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