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Outlander Season 6 Teaser Hints at Revolutionary War, Premiering Early 2022
Outlander Season 6 Teaser Hints at Revolutionary War, Premiering Early 2022

For those who hoped that a Foreigner Season 6 premiere date was to be revealed at New York Comic-Con today, you’re probably disappointed. That said, this is probably the only reason to be disappointed this morning!

After all, Starz today unveiled the first substantial teaser for the new season, one that hinted at an early 2022 premiere while also paving the way for a massive conflict at the heart of Jamie and Claire: The Revolutionary War’s story. Claire, Roger and Bree all know it’s coming, and there’s an underlying sense of dread in seeing many of the signs being put in place. Are there other more personal struggles for these characters in Season 6? Absolutely, but there are so many in the shadow of the great war. Even if history dictates that America gains its independence, there are no guarantees of their individual survival, or that Fraser’s Ridge will still exist as a thriving community after the fact.

Don’t expect season 6 to cover the war in its entirety; with only eight episodes, this is the shortest season of Foreigner until now. Nevertheless, there will be a lot of what you love about the series posted here. You’ll have plenty of romance, whether it’s between the Frasers, Roger and Bree, or even a new storyline for Young Ian. Are we going to see more of what happened to him while he was with the Mohawk? That feels possible.

Here is the official description of Season 6 with more information:

Season 6 of “Outlander” sees a continuation of Claire and Jamie’s struggle to protect those they love as they navigate the trials and tribulations of life in colonial America. Establishing a home in the New World is no easy task, especially in North Carolina’s wild backwoods—and perhaps most importantly—during a period of dramatic political turmoil. The Frasers strive to keep the peace and thrive in a society that – as Claire knows all too well – is unconsciously heading for revolution. Against this backdrop, which heralds the birth of the new American nation, Claire and Jamie have built a house together in Fraser’s Ridge. They must now defend this house – which is located on land allotted to them by the Crown – not only against external forces, but also against the increasing strife and conflict in the community under their care. For the Frasers and their immediate family, “home” is more than just a place where they live, it’s where they lay the foundation for the rest of their lives. If Season 4 Asked “What’s Home?” and Season 5 asked, “What are you willing to do to protect your home?” then season 6 explores what happens when there is disharmony and division among the inhabitants of the house you have created: when you become an outsider, or a ‘foreigner’, so to speak, marginalized and rejected in your own home.

– Now check out some other plagues related to the upcoming season

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