Microsoft PC Health Check App – Windows 11 Compatibility Checker to Upgrade New OS

Microsoft PC Health Check App, Windows 11 Compatibility Checker to Upgrade and Run New OS in Desktop/ Laptop launch by official. The PC Health Check app for Windows 11 Upgrade Checker is a tool of Microsoft only to If Your PC or Laptop Can Run New Windows 11 Free Upgrade current version WIN 10. You can get this Microsoft PC health checker app Download setup .msi on their official website which will tell you that your system is compatible with Windows 11 or not. As recently on June 24, 2021, in a Microsoft meeting, Windows 11 was released. Soon after that many Windows users face problems in downloading and update Microsoft OS New as well as run on their laptop/ tablets/ computer/ mobile. Now if any of you are facing a problem related to Windows 11 download and running it on your system then you should try Windows PC health check setup.msi to fix This PC Can’t Run Windows 11’ Error.


Microsoft PC Health Check App

You already know that your system must have some minimum requirements to run Windows 11. If your PC is not fulfilling these system requirements for Windows 11 Free Upgrade Checker then it will not work out and show the Error. If any of you are planning to upgrade/ update your PC/ tablet/ laptop then make sure that it meets all the requirements of Windows 11 to run. Otherwise, you may find it really difficult for WIN 11 to run. However, you can use other similar tools to check win 11 compatibilities as well.

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If your Windows 10 PC passed through PC Health Check App then you will get a free windows 11 upgrade for sure. Majorly upgrade problem comes on the Trusted Platform Module side. WhyNotWin11 and Win11SysCheck are open-source apps that could be a good alternative to Microsoft PC Health Check App.

Microsoft PC Health Check App – Windows 11 Compatibility Checker to Upgrade New OS
Microsoft PC Health Check App – Windows 11 Compatibility Checker to Upgrade New OS

But after various issues in the PC Health Check app, Microsoft recently withdraws it and would avail after some time. So Windows Users need to check system requirements and measure the compatibility for Windows 11 PC before start installing. For once again here we are giving you Windows 11 system requirements:

Processor Dual-Core 64-bit 1 GHz processor or faster than this
Space 64 GB or more than that
Firmware system Secure Boot capable, UEFI
TPM Trusted Platform Module version 2.0

Windows PC Health Check V2.3 tells you all about the compatibility of Windows 11 with your current PC OS W 1, 8, or 10 upgrades or update too. Microsoft PC health Check App Setup is available on the official website The earlier version of the PC health check was running the test on your PC and giving you Pop-ups regarding the errors and misconfiguration without any explanation. While PC health Check Version 2.3 runs a test on your PC while giving you pop-ups with a proper explanation.


Windows 11 Compatibility Checker

As we have mentioned above the minimum system requirements for Windows 11 upgrade to Windows 10 or lower OS version you all need to take care of one more thing that in your PC/ Laptop TPM 2.0 should be enabled. In the hose system, it is disabled Windows11 will not work. Windows 11 Compatibility checker App is a kind of tool of Microsoft which runs several tests on your computer/laptop to check the Upgrade health of it while it also sends you pop-ups regarding any errors which might affect Windows 11 efficiency to run apparently. Users who are finding it difficult to run Windows 11 on their PC/ Laptop need to use this tool. Else if your New Windows 11 is running efficiently then there is no issue to run any test to check compatibility.

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Microsoft Windows 11 Upgrade Checker

Any user who has downloaded Windows 11 latest to their PC and laptop might be facing issues. These issues are popping up as your system does not support all the requirements needed to run Windows 11. Even if you have all the minimum requirements which New OS needed to run on your PC you need to use Windows 11 Health Check tool for your PC. This tool is available on Microsoft. This is trustworthy as the latest version has been updated by Microsoft and it’s a product of itself. It will tell you clearly that Is your PC/ laptop can run Windows 11 or not.

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Questions like these that will Windows 11 run on my PC or I have to purchase a new OS to run Win11 must be hovering over. Well in this article you will come to know that how compatible is your PC with Windows 11? What are the steps to check your PC Compatibility for Win11? What is the Windows PC health Check tool Setup by Microsoft? After the launch of Microsoft New OS WIN11 the users are keen to use this Operating system on their Computer. But now the first you download PC Health checkup And check can run Windows 11 in My PC according to Compatibility Test result.

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How to check Windows 10 Upgrade to Windows 11 Free

Microsoft has launched New Operating System WIN11. Now the old user is has a good opportunity to upgrade to Windows 10 the New OS free. But there are issues with Hardware and software Compatibility checks. Here are some of the steps which are as follows to run the setup of PC Health Check App for Microsoft Windows 11 Upgrade Checker in all aspects:

  • Download PC health check too from the website.
  • Open the file and agree all terms and conditions.
  • After that install it. You need to make sure that the box which has opened should be checked and it says open health check. After that tap finish.
  • After that on top of the windows you will get a pop up of “Your PC at glance”. After that to on check now.
  • If your PC is compatible you will get the message and if not you will get several pop ups to configure your PC.
  • If your PC is not Compatible the it show message “This PC Can’t Run Windows 11’ Error?

Microsoft Windows 11 Upgrade Compatibility Checker >>> Click Here

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If you find any better alternative of PC Health CHecker and must share it with our viewers in the comment box.

FAQ Regarding PC Health Check App Microsoft Windows 11 Upgrade Checker

Is PC tool Health Check is paid?

No this is not paid. You just have to download and install.

Is windows 11 compatible with all PC?

Yes, it is compatible with all PC leaving apple products.

Can widows 10 users can face problems with configuration too?

Probably if they are meeting system requirements.

Does the PC tool Health Checker fix the error?

No, it just shows the PC fitness status for windows 11.

Is Microsoft PC Health Check App safe to use?

Yes, defiantly it is safe because it belongs to Microsoft.