Madhura Wines Movie Review: A well structured first half gets ruined by an atrocious second half » sarkariaresult

Title: Madhura Wines

Cast: Sunny Naveen, Seema Choudary, and Sammohit Tumuluri

Director: Jayakishore B

Rating: 2/5 

Some love stories are engaging even if they are not imaginable. Many have wondered how a brilliant, affluent Arjun Reddy went mad about losing Preeti in ‘Arjun Reddy’, (2017). But the story touched us thoroughly because the narration could convince us that Arjun and Preeti were destined to fall in love. In ‘Madhura Wines’, believability goes for a toss right from the point Anjali starts showing first signs of affection towards Ajay, a good-for-nothing drunkard. Even if you are someone who sparsely asks for believability in a love story, the absolutely convenient and far-fetched narration is ridiculously silly. 

We are told that Ajay (Sunny Naveen) is struggling to forget Madhura, his ex-girlfriend who has been married. Director Jayakishore B structures the story in an unorthodox manner in the first half. The film teases us to think about Madhura, whose character is a mystery as much as her separation from Ajay. Anjali (Seema Choudary) enters the agonized male lead’s life in a mundane manner. But the way they end up becoming acquaintances, it doesn’t feel banal. The narration is sincere enough to make the audience invest in the quirk of fate. But the story loses its integrity soon enough. 

Suddenly, Ajay manages to get over his past. From being a brooding loser, he becomes the Romeo of Unannounced Kissing. He goes on to scandalize a sibling relationship by deploying terms such as emotional blackmail.


The romance (as epitomized by ‘Edho Edho’) would look fine if removed from the story. While the first half at least respects the structure of the story, the second half has an uneven mood. The male lead’s relationship with his speech-impaired father evolves as the film progresses (to this extent, it is in ‘Aaduvari Matalaku Arthale Verule’ territory, minus the rawness), but even this track becomes an excuse for a bland action block.

After a point, you give up on Anjali’s tempestuous relationship with Ajay. It’s because the third character (played by Sammohit Tumuluri) starts behaving as though he is more inclined to listen to Ajay than to the person he has to. The locations are real, the reluctant bonhomie is fake. Anjali’s bad boy crush is the pinnacle of lazy writing.

Whenever an irresponsible male lead has to be salvaged, our writers have some stock ideas to fall back on. Showing the hero as the last man standing in a hospital is one of them. The tagline of ‘Madhura Wines’ could have referred to the male lead’s blood group just as a sort of warning! 

Composers Karthik Rodriguez and Jay Krish delivered a good album, something that remains under-utilized in the movie. The performances are able for a film whose script is half-baked. 


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