LIC IPO GMP Today Price (Live) Review, Date, Subscription Status


LIC IPO Grey Market Premium(GMP) Today Price from Chanakya, Investor Academy, IPO Watch and Subscription Status Check here- The LIC is going to release IPO on 11th March 2022. After opening the Initial premium offering, interested people can begin a subscription of it. Therefore, investing money in the Life Insurance Corporation(LIC) IPO is the best opportunity to earn profit in a short time. If any LIC policyholder is willing to apply in the LIC IPO, then they can quickly get it without any hassle. The price of IPO equity share after listing can be range from INR 1500 to INR 3200 per share. The issue price of LIC IPO is INR 2000 to INR 2100.


The LIC company has fixed the face value of each share is Rs 10 per share. In the previous year, 2021, LIC Company has earned revenue in crores. The LIC IPO is listed on both NSE & BSE. Scroll down this page till the end to get more details related to LIC IPO previous year revenue, GMP today live price, LIC India IPO subscription status, Reviews, about LIC IPO Grey Market Premium, and many more.

LIC IPO GMP Today Price (Live) Review, Date, Subscription Status
LIC IPO GMP Today Price (Live) Review, Date, Subscription Status


LIC IPO GMP Today Price

On 1st March, the Grey market premium price of India’s biggest insurance company i.e., life insurance company is at Rs 32. It is found that LIC has revealed its revenue of Rs 1437 in the first six half of the financial year 2021 -2022. LIC IPO will open from 11th March 2022. It’s highly advised you invest in the LIC IPO, as it will release soon. Thus, it will give you lots of revenues in the upcoming month. Finally, the LIC IPO price can be fixed at Rs 10 per share, and it is expected that the GMP price can be Rs 1500 to Rs 3200 per share. So, the LIC share price can go higher up to Rs 12.

LIC IPO Date Review, Subscription Status

Life Insurance Corporation India IPO 2022 Overview

Name of Company Life Insurance Corporation of India
IPO share release date 11th March 2022
Last date to apply 14th March 2022
Register company Kevin Tech Technologies Private limited
LIC IPO fixed the price band Rs 2022 to Rs 2100
LIC IPO GMP Around Rs 20
LIC IPO Size 1,00,000 crore
Minimum investment in LIC IPO Rs 14700
LIC IPO face value of per share Rs 10
IPO listing at BSE & NSE

LIC INDIA IPO 2022 Subscription Status

LIC company has fixed the price band of equity share of INR 2000 to INR 2100 LIC policyholders can quickly get the IPO shares in the LIC company. However, they only need to link their PAN can with the LIC policy. LIC policyholders will be happy to know that people can invest money in shares with the exclusive discount of 10%. So, the IPO subscription price for the policyholders is Rs 1890 per share. The minimum amount that an individual has to invest for the LIC IPO is Rs 14700. As the LIC is the best company to invest money in the IPO shares, thus it will provide you with good revenue in the future.

LIC IPO Grey Market Premium 2022

After listing, the price of IPO shares can be range from INR 1500 to INR 3200 per share. The LIC has fixed its price band of Rs 2000 to Rs 2100. At the same time, if any LIC policyholder wants to apply in the LIC IPO, they will get an additional discount of 10%, which means the IPO issue price for LIC shareholders is Rs 1890 per share. The LIC will release the size of the share lot after opening the IPO.

Date GMP (Rs)
2 March 2022 -35
1 March 2022 -35
28 Feb 2022 -35
27 Feb 2022 -30
26 Feb 2022 -30

LIC India IPO Date, Price, Analysis

  • LIC Company is going to release IPO shares on 11th March 2022.
  • The last date to apply for the LIC IPO is 14th March 2022.
  • LIC has announced an extra 10% discount for its existing shareholders.
  • The face value of shares is fixed at Rs 10 per share.
  • The Indian Government holds 100 % shares and around 632.49 crores.
  • The GMP price for the LIC IPO could be around Rs 2000.

The listing growth in LIC IPO depends on the main factors like demand or supply of LIC IPO shares, Price of IPO shares, IPO marketing position at the listing date, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Why should you invest in LIC IPO?

Therefore, investing money in the LIC IPO is the best chance to earn profit for a longer time. IPOs ensure the big private companies raise revenues for the future project while investing in the initial public offering. Companies can meet their long-term objective by applying for the LIC IPO. The IPO is the best way to get rapid growth in income; it will also help in wealth growth as well. If you invest in LIC IPO, you can get the potential revenue in the long run.

About Life Insurance Corporation IPO

LIC IPO shares have been in the news headlines for days. LIC is a well-known insurance provider company that will release the IPO allotment in March 2022. The wait is over for LIC policyholders or others who were waiting for the LIC IPO shares. Special discounts for LIC shareholders who have linked their PAN with LIC policy will be revealed soon. LIC IPO will be likely to announce on 11th March 2022. Thus, all the retail investors and private companies can apply for the LIC IPO.


When will LIC IPO open?

The LIC IPO is going to open on 11th March 2022.

What is the LIC IPO face value?

However, LIC has fixed the face value at Rs 10.

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