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Its next day, Mumbai

Kartik is getting ready for college. Naira comes inside the room and hugs him as he is semi dressed in his shirt. Kartik is surprised at first but soon gets concerned as he could feel wetness. He holds her by her waist and looks into her eyes and sees tears

Kartik: What happened Naira?

Naira: Kartik woh…

Kartik in mind: Krishna ji..why are Shubham’s thoughts disturbing her this much?

Kartik: Naira..tell me…

Naira: Pata nahi Kartik..Im feeling an unknown emptiness inside me, maybe the emptiness of a mom’s place

Kartik: Naira..I know I can’t be your mother but still Ill try my best…

Naira: Kartik..I know from the time we came to Mumbai you are trying your level to give the love of the entire family but still..I could not share this with anyone as they will get emotional thinking of mumma

Kartik wipes her tears

Kartik: I know..and Im happy that you are at least sharing your thoughts with me. Shall I stay home today?

Naira tries to get off his hold

Naira: Harkis nahi…dont behave like Luv Kush..finding reasons to bunk..you are teacher Kartik..not a student 

Kartik: Teacher nahi Professor KG

Naira: Acha kuch bhi…ab ache bache ki tarah college jaa

Kartik: Nahi..

Naira: What nahi…go..Kartik

She atlast gets off his hold. 

Naira: If I stay here you will not leave Im going to others. You go to college 

Naira walks out, Kartik smiles and gets ready. The scene freezes 


Aashi and Swarna reach Jaipur, at the same time Akshara reaches the hospital which is conducting the medical camp. As the car waits in the signal Swarna opens Akshara’s diary

Dear diary, 

Today’s birthday party went so well. After Naitik came back I forgot you but again today I felt like sharing things with you. Kartik has some anger towards his parents like Naira had with us. All I wish is that Naira helps Kartik reunite with his family like he helped Naira in reuniting with me. Unse pehle hi unki taqdeer milgayi. Aaj mein aur Naitik bhi iss bare mein baat kar rahe the. Pata nahi kyu par ek ajeeb dar hai mann mein..I feel like missing something big. So will be going to the temple today..to pray for Kartik and Naira. Meri beti ki shaadi acche se dono parivaron ke saamne unke aashirvaad ke saath hojaye..bas yahi dua hai meri

A tear slips Swarna’s eye. She closes the diary in a reflex

Swarna: Naira..she must not have wantedly hid Shubham’s addiction to me. She is pregnant now..am I being so unreasonable in being angry with her? She was the one who brought Kartik to me..she supported me when everyone accused me in hiding Shubham’s birth secret. Ek maa hoke I could not find out about Shubham. He told Naira and not me..maybe I failed as a mother?

With thoughts racing through her mind they reach the hospital. Swarna and Ashi get inside..on the way they cross the room where Akshara is admitted. She is all dizzy and confused. 

Doctor: Madam…whats your name? Please try to recollect 

Akshara:A…a…a se shuru hota hai…aaahhhh 

She holds her head and shouts

Doctor: No worries..

She gets seizures 

The other doctor: Sir..yesterday too the same happened..after regaining consciousness she said few names and then got seizures 

Doctor: Its normal only ..we can treat her

The other doc: But her identity?

Doctor: What names did she tell?

Other doc: Some…yeah remember it…Naitik and Naira…

Swarna and Ashi hear the name Naira and stop to pay attention 

Doctor: Maybe her family..as you said you found her in a foothill right..so maybe she has a small clot in brain causing this seizures…try to access the local police station with the details of falling from a hill and the names you heard. We will find her family 

Swarna could not believe her ears. She stands there still. The scene freezes 

Imperial College

Kartik is in his cabin. His door is knocked 

Kartik: Come in…

The police officers enter

Kartik: What happened sir?

The police officer: Are you Kartik Goenka?

Kartik: Ji haan

The police officer: Sir one of your students committed suicide today

Kartik is shocked and : What? Where?

The police officer: By jumping into the track of local train. We found her identity card and thats why we came here. Can you please come with us to the spot for the procedures?

Kartik: Why not sir..come lets go

Kartik and the officers get out. Vedika sees them and runs to Kartik and hugs him. Kartik gets awkward and pushes her away harder than last time

Kartik: Whats this behaviour Vedika?

Vedika: Sir woh..

Kartik: Its a confidential matter…get inside, you dont have to be here this time

Saying this Kartik walks out with the officers.

Vedika in mind: How concerned he is for my safety and privacy in college campus

( She is a fool so don’t mind her thoughts)

Kartik and the officers reach the spot where the girl lies as a dead body crashed into pieces

Kartik: How did she jump in a track…?

Voice: She was pushed into the track

Everyone is stunned

Police: Who is it? Come forward 

Kartik suspects it to be Naira’s voice and to his surprise and shock Naira walks forward

Kartik: Naira? What are you doing here?

Naira: Kartik woh…I was getting back after getting some fruits and me bhai and bhabhi went to the beach

Keerthi and Naksh struggle their way and reach there

Naksh: Naira was adamant to use train and not car..we were helpless

Police: You know her sir?

Kartik: She is my wife. Naira who pushed her? What happened?

Naira: Kartik actually..I was listening to songs and watching the view. 8767D6E7 9740 4AE1 AD5E 79A3DFAC4878

The girl was standing opposite to me only. A guy came in the middle. He was talking something initially. Then they started to argue and before we could realise anything he pushed her down. Thats why I stayed back waiting for the police to come so that I could tell them what I saw

Naksh: Why didn’t you tell us what you saw?we all thought..

Naira: Bhai..if I say and you take me home

Keerthi: Oh fo Naira…anyway leave it

Police: Can you identify the guy mam?

Naira: He was wearing the same identity card as the girl. As it was crowded I didn’t see the college name clearly..thats why I didn’t know it was our college girl Kartik but the tag colour of both of their identity cards was same

Police: Dont worry sir..the culprit is infront of our eyes we can catch him

Kartik: Do it soon sir..shall I take your leave now?

Police: Sure

Kartik: Naksh, Keerthi, Naira lets get home. Anyway College would have been declared holiday after the news was conveyed

They leave and the scene freezes 

Kaira room

Kartik is busy in laptop. Naira comes to him

Naira: Kartik..are you angry with me?

Kartik looks up at her and pulls her to his lapC408D4D0 1D43 4C78 B8DA B49FCC06EFF5

Kartik: Why should I be?

Naira: For..telling the police

Kartik: Mujhe pata hai ki meri sherni humesha sach ka saath degi so Im proud and not angry

Naira: I thought you will scold for telling in this state

Kartik: It is your misunderstanding Naira..I always wish that our kids are bold like their mom. Tum sherni ho sherni..roaring is your beauty 

Naira rests her head on his shoulder . Kartik’s mobile rings..its Swarna

Naira gets excited and: Kartik maa is calling maybe she..she…

She attends the call and puts it on speaker

…… revealed in next episode 

Naira and Kartik have tears


What made Kaira have tears? The killer knows about Naira?

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