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Mr Kapoor requests the minister to come inside but he stopping exclaims that what if both his penthouses are on the last floor, Mr Kapoor exclaims he has taken the words from his mouth and he will have a lot of fun on the fiftieth floor, the minister is shocked exclaiming this project only has thirty five floors but Mr Kapoor exclaims that there is nothing to worry about as only his one sign can make it all happen, he should think how much he will enjoy at the pool, the minister exclaims he has the ability to know what the person in front of him desires, Mr Kapoor replies when he was born their were no lines on the palm of his hand and he has made them by himself so whatever he desires comes straight towards him.

Akanksha is really irritated by the auto driver who is constantly pressing the horns, Akanksha exclaims it feels nothing would happen if he is not able to reach his destination, Yatho yells at the person, Manav stops him exclaiming it is not right to be angry, Akanksha questions why is he stopping him when he himself doesnot get angry, Manav tries to explain that one is not able to think in anger when someone hits the car from behind, Akanksha asks him to get angry now, he leaves out of the car but the person immediately apologizes, Manav sits back in the are, Akanksha questions what did he say to the person, as it can happen and if he is fine, Manav asks what is to be angry since there is a lot of traffic, Akanksha exclaims he is a really soft person. Manav questions how he cannot be soft as his wife is such a softie.

MR Kapoor asks Ranay where he is, he replies that he is at the entrance and is waiting for the guests when Mr Kapoor says hose for whom he is waiting are not important but the person for whom he is waiting, he asks if Ranay really thinks that she will come, Ranay sees Akanksha in the car and thinks that she is the same person whom they met at the function, Mr Kapoor mentions how he knows he is really lucky but will she come to meet him in Indore.

Manav while driving stops the car asking the person to remove his bike, Akanksha thinks how she would eat samosa with her father who had dreams of making her miss Indore, she however got in a fight with her sister and mother as she desired to fulfil her desires, but they insisted that a middle-class person should not think about it. She wakes up from her dream when they drive off towards their house.

Two employees are talking wondering where is Mr Manav, one of them asks if he is not an old person, Manav stops the car and coming out meets a person who is praising him for his personality, Manav also recognizes Khushal jee who also introduces Irfan Sahab and then asks about his family, Akanksha gets out of the car, Kaushal jee is not able to take his eyes off her and then mentions how he cannot believe that they have such an old son, he asks for the name but is not able to comprehend his name is Yatho, Manav clarifies his name is Yatharth, Khushal jee correcting his hair thinks that now his life would go smoothly, Khushal jee mentions they have reached the quarter so asks for the flat, Akanksha questions what is he talking about as they have been allotted a bungalow, Manav also asks Khushal what is this, he replies that Manav knows how the government system works as the previous employee did not leave the house, Manav orders him to immediately get it vacant but Khushal doesnot seem interested, Akanksha asks what is he saying because even her father was a worker and he did not do anything of the sort, Khushal asks what is to worry because they can shift just as Jaspal jee vacates the bungalow, Akanksha doesnot want to shift in the flat because they were allotted a bungalow, Manav asks Khushal to take him to Jaspal because he wants to talk about it.

Manav requests Irfan Sahab to take his son but Khushal exclaims his house is near so Yatharth can attend the bathroom there and even Bhabhi jee can rest, they both agree.

Manav is sitting with Jaspal jee with Irfan, Manav tries to explain his point but Jaspal je asks him to first have something to eat, Jaspal explains that he cannot shift from this house because there are still six months left for the studies of his daughter to be completed so he will not shift before then, Manav explains that his son is six years old so he needs a place where he can play, so he just desires this house, however Jaspal is still adamant to not shift when Manav threatens to use government force, Jaspal jee exclaims he can do whatever he desires as he will himself provide the pen and paper.

Akanksha sitting in the house of Khushal is talking on the mobile, she exclaims how she told Manav that she will not shift in any quarter, Khushal asks his wife to place some dry fruits as it doesnot seem nice, his wife exclaims he cannot control himself after seeing a beautiful women, Khushal takes the tray exclaiming that he will take the tray himself, and then sits requesting her to take the dishes, she questions why did he take so much trouble when Khushal is not able to sit without thinking about her, he even takes a selfie which anger Akanksha who asks what does he think he is doing, Manav comes when Akanksha immediately asks what happened, they both however start talking about something else, Khushal asks what did Jaspal say, Manav exclaims he will tell her on the way.
Ranay is with Mr Kapoor mentioning that the real estate professional would write in the magazine how Kapoor industries once again completed the project before time, he then starts mentioning how the painting would land by air tonight, none of these news excites Mr Kapoor, he sits down after Ranay exclaims that the lunch is ready, he seeing the results mentions that the calories he burnt are still less then what happens after he sees a glimpse of her, Ranay thinks how he also saw her today in front of the function venue, Mr Kapoor questions what happened asking if he is also thinking about her, however he while leaving exclaims that she can only belong to him.

Manav is walking with Akanksha who questions what Jaspal said, Manav replies that he is not ready to listen to anything but she walks into the building exclaiming how he would not have tried very hard, Khushal also exclaims that Akanksha is really a harsh women, Khushal on reaching the flat mentions Akanksha should be the first to walk inside, she opens the door and is shocked to see how dirty it is, Khushal mentions he had it cleaned yesterday but realizes that it might be because of the storm, he then asks Manav if he wakes up early in the morning mentioning that the water only comes in the morning so they would have to turn on the motor, Manav and Khushal both are laughing when Manav asks what other features are in the flat, he hands the book which has all the numbers then leaves. Yatho asks when he would meet Vinay, Manav assures he will take him tomorrow but first he must help unload the boxes.
Manav first asks him to wait, he asks Akanksha is she is really mad, but she is mocking him exclaims she is not mad at all but instead is smiling, Manav realizes so leaves, she exclaims they were better off in Bhopal.

Precap: Akanksha mentions she is not asking him to snatch anything, but he should learn how to fight for his right, Manav assures he will take the bungalow from Jaspal but doesnot have to do anything however if someone tries to snatch her and Yatho from him then she will see what he can do, Akanksha replies what if when that time comes he doesnot have the strength to fight. Mr Kapoor is shocked to see the news, he pausing it exclaims that the women who he has been searching for was outside the pooja.

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