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Powerful, and to the point 


A few tribal men are brought out of a jail, only to be taken again in a police vehicle to be booked under crimes that they have not committed. Now we are taken to a village where Irula people smoke rats out of their holes to protect the farms. 

They are also often summoned to catch snakes.  One among the tribe is Rajakannu, who is accused by the police of stealing jewels.

He goes missing from the police custody. Now Rajakannu’s wife Sengeni, who is pregnant with their second child approaches advocate Chandru to find and save her husband.

Suriya has stepped out of his comfort zone and has got easily into the character of advocate Chandru. 

The movie does not revolve around him. He just acts as the catalyst to take the proceedings forward. 

The first half of the movie belongs to Manikandan who does a wonderful job as Rajakannu. 

Lijomol Jose is impressive as Sengeni. She successfully conveys the anguish and haplessness of her role in a raw and convincing manner. Rest of the cast have also performed well. 

Director Gnanavel should be lauded for his efforts and ground work. He has not glorified unnecessary elements and has stayed true to the script. BGM by Sean Roldan is terrific and gels well with each and every scene.

Rating: 4/5  

By Naveen



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