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Episode 63
Is Dev all set to trap Sameeksha?

Raichand Mansion,Night.
Roma Raichand and Dev is sitting in Roma’s room. Door is locked from inside. Dev gives Roma a glass of champagne and he takes a glass for himself. They toss their glass and looks each other with a smile.
Dev – “Cheers ,Mom. This is for our success of our first step”.
Roma Raichand – “ By the way, you really got her to step into this trap smoothly. Now we will enjoy seeing her getting into the trap and getting suffocated in it”.

Dev – “ That won’t be easy. She will try her best to get out of this. As per my intuition , she would have sensed that this whole marriage drama is trap”.

Roma Raichand – “ Means she stepped into this trap being aware of it?”
Dev – “Probably ..”.
Roma Raichand – “ Even if she is aware , I don’t think that it affect our plan”
Dev –“ Unfortunately, it can affect our plan. If I am right, she might be planning escape routes”.
Roma Raichand – “ But our plan is full proof one ,right?”
Dev – “ Yes, but the fact is no plan in world can be so perfect that it don’t have any loophole. Suppose, she is Samika in real ,then for someone who is planning against us for a long time, won’t she be prepared for the worst situation. A person is more dangerous when he/she is someone who has nothing to lose. And lastly, when a person get into a trap all of a sudden , they may tremble upon hurdles. But when I person enters into trap knowing that it’s trap, they will do that only when that person have knowledge about some loophole in the trap”.

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Roma Raichand – “ Loopholes in our plan should be cleared off then”.

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Dev – “ Our strength and loopholes lie in our team”.
Roma Raichand – “What do you mean ?”
Dev – “ As I said before , there are people in our family who may carve out an escape way for her unintentionally”.

Sameeksha’s house .
Sameeksha pins Daksh, Dhruv and Trisha’s photo on a board. Mr and Mrs. Chowdhary is standing behind Sameeksha.
Sameeksha – “ These 3 are our trump cards, we have to use them at right time . So that we can change the whole game”

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Mrs.Chowdhary – “ If they are all set with their plan, won’t they be aware of this loophole?”
Mr.Chowdhary – “ Sakshi is right. Sam , we have to be ready with some solid plan B”.
Sameeksha – “Yeah.. you are right! But this time it’s difficult to have a plan B. They will be waiting for us to make a mistake , then they will get what they wished. Worst part is that if my identity gets exposed, our whole plan and my ultimate goal to destroy them will be in danger”.
Mr.Chowdhary – “ See, what if I disagree for this marriage after making some excuses.. then this can be put on hold ,right?”
Sameeksha – “No.. we can’t do that.. then situation will get more worse. They will utilize this situation and they will start to play divide and rule . We will be forced to do things according to their move, that won’t help us. I only way we have is that someone from Dev’s side to stop this marriage which should look natural and shouldn’t look like we are behind it”.
Mr.Chowdhary – “ So you mean we should go with the flow their plan but we should play well with our trump cards from behind the stage “.
Sameeksha – “ Exactly.. and we should make our side look genuine. We should start to train our guests without letting them knowing that they are going to be part of a drama. This won’t be easy but if we try well .. we can do it . We need to select people who will be good at this from our relative side”.

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Mr.Chowdhary – “ We can manage it well.. but what about you? What if none of our tactics work and you reach a situation where you have the only option to marry Dev ?”
Sameeksha becomes speechless and she gets into thinking.
Mrs.Chowdhary – “ Sam, this time it’s serious. What if everything turn around? Will you get married to that evil man who destroyed your life , for taking your revenge?

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Sameeksha looks on.

At Raichand Mansion.

Dev – “ Let anything happen, if she is Samika , she won’t marry me at any cost!”.

Dev smirks. Roma Raichand smiles.

On other side , at Sameeksha’s house.
Sameeksha – “ I won’t mind staining my hands with their blood but I won’t let him fill my hairline again. It’s better to be a killer instead of being an evil man. I will find out some way to get out of all this”.

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Sameeksha leaves. Mr.Chowdhary looks Mrs.Chowdhary, they looks tensed.
Mr.Chowdhary – “ I hope we get some solution to this problem”.

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Mrs.Chowdhary – “ Iam worried, we shouldn’t let her take such drastic steps. We have to think about some alternative way . Otherwise, it will be dangerous for Sam”.

Mr.Chowdhary nods his head.

Next day,Raichand Mansion.
Roma , Menaka, Shashikala and Dev is sitting in the living area. Everyone is talking to each other.Trisha and Daksh is sitting on the dining table watching others.

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Roma Raichand – “ I am so confused .. now we have to plan for a wedding. Yesterday, I was thinking about it. Afterall, Dev is finally getting his love back after a long time”.

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Menaka Raichand – “ But Bhabhi what will people say , Raichands are getting their younger son married when his both elder brothers are still unmarried?”

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Roma Raichand looks on. Trisha and Dev exchanges looks. Daksh giggles.
Daksh (whipers) – “Atleast, my Bua is concerned for us. Others are only concerned for Dev , as if he is the only one who is visible”.
Trisha hears it and looks him. Shashikala Raichand looks Menaka .
Shashikala Raichand – “ People will say something or other. It’s their job. We shouldn’t care about it. By the way, even if it was a secret but Dev is already married to Samika. We are conducting it again because she don’t remember it. You are the one who got it done that time, then you didn’t care about it and now suddenly remembered it”.

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Dev smiles and keeps his hand over her shoulders with a happy face. She caresses his jaw. Roma Raichand smiles. Menaka Raichand gets shy.
Roma Raichand – “ I think we should start our preparations, so that everything can be done smoothly. What is your opinion , Maa ji?”
Shashikala Raichand – “ What is the need of hurry? We can do it once the date is fixed”
Dev smiles.

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Prithvi comes to Roma with a file. She takes the file and checks it. Dhruv comes and enters the home.

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Dhruv – “ My brother’s wedding date is getting fixed that too in absence of his elder brother?”
Everyone looks at the doorstep . They see Dhruv and gets surprised.

Daksh – “ Anything can happen this house, who cares for us”.
Roma Raichand – “Daksh! Why don’t shut your mouth?”.

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Roma Raichand gets up and she walks to Dhruv. She hugs him happily. Dev gets up. Shashikala Raichand and Menaka Raichand smiles .
Roma Raichand – “If I had to exclude my elder son, why would I ask him to come back immediately?”

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Dhruv – “ I was just joking,Mom”.
He walks in . He gives a highfy to Menaka Raichand and touches his grandmother’s feet. Shashikala Raichand blesses him. Dhruv pats on Dev’s shoulder with a smile.

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Dhruv – “ Why didn’t you informed me about all this ? I know we fight a lot that doesn’t mean I will step back from an elder brother’s responsibilities”.
Dev – “ Dhruv bhaiya, I was about to call you but Mom told me that she will talk to you first”.

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Dhruv – “But still.. you could have called me after that”
Daksh looks Dhruv suspiciously seeing him talking sweetly to Dev .
Daksh (whispers) – “ Is this our Dhruv bro? Or am I seeing a dream? When did they patched up?”

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Trisha – “ Dhruv bhaiya is not like you. He is sensible and mature. He will stand by our family when family needs his support”.
Daksh – “ I don’t understand why are you happy seeing your love marrying someone else instead of you. You don’t look like that TV serial heroine who sacrifice her happiness for her lover’s happiness”.
Trisha – “ Don’t waste your energy upon puzzles that you can’t solve”.
Shashikala Raichand starts to feel uneasiness.

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While others are busy talking about Dev’s marriage preparation. Shashikala Raichand tries to get up but suddenly faints and falls back on couch. Everyone hears a sound and looks. They see that Shashikala Raichand is lying unconscious on the couch.

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Roma Raichand – “Maa ji…”.
Dev goes to see her being tensed.

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He tries to wake her Everyone comes Shashikala Raichand and they are all shocked. They look each other being worried.
After sometime,
Sameeksha is at her office cabin. She rings Dev but he doesn’t pick her call.
Sameeksha (thinks) – “ Is he planning something ? Is that the reason why he isn’t picking up the call ? I have to find the reason ”.
Then he gets a call from Dev . She picks it up.
Sameeksha – “ Hello, Dev. Why weren’t you picking my calls? Where are you?

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Dev – “ We all are at hospital”.
Sameeksha – “ Hospital? What happened?”
Dev(low tone) – “ Nani became unconscious , all of sudden. We tried to wake her up but she didn’t so we brought to hospital . She is in ICU , doctors are checking her”.
Sameeksha (shocked) – “What? What did the doctors said? What’s her condition now?”
Dev – “ Doctors haven’t said anything”.
Sameeksha – “Which is the hospital?”
Dev – “City Hospital”
Sameeksha – “ Okay. I will come there”.
Sameeksha cuts the call. She gets up quickly to leave but she stops thinking something.

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Sameeksha – “ Is she really unwell or is it part of their game? Is she their silent partner? Afterall, she is a Raichand , betrayal is in their blood. What if she is also involved in this game ? I shouldn’t trust anyone of them blindly”.
At City hospital.
Raichands are standing outside ICU. Doctor comes out from ICU. Everyone looks him. Roma Raichand and Dev goes near to him.
Doctor – “ Please come to my cabin”.
Roma Raichand and Dev goes to Doctor’s cabin. They takes the seat.
After sometime they come out of the cabin with a sad face. Sameeksha reaches there by then. Sameeksha comes near to Dev.

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Roma Raichand sits on the chair near the wall and she breaksdown.

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Everyone goes to her, Sameeksha looks her being clueless.

Then she turns back to Dev and keeps her hand on his shoulder. Suddenly, Dev hugs her and cries.

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Sameeksha gets shocked. Daksh witnesses it and he pats on Trisha’s hand. Trisha looks him and he signs at Dev and Sameeksha.

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Trisha see Dev hugging Sameeksha and feels jealous. She looks them being angry. Daksh enjoys it.

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Sameeksha – “ What happened Dev?”
Dev – “Nani’s health is really bad. Her condition is really weak”.
Sameeksha – “ What is the problem?”
Dev – “ Her heart’s condition is weak, if anything makes her upset happens .. it will affect her heart”.
Sameeksha – “ What?”
Dev steps back and wipes his tears. Sameeksha makes him sit on a chair and sits beside him.
Sameeksha – “Relax , she will be okay . If she need further treatments we can take her outside the country, I know good doctors abroad. Or should we take her some other good doctors?”
Dev – “Mr.Patel is best cardiologist in our country , he is very good at his job. He told us that Nani’s condition can be cured by proper medications and care. He has adviced us to keep her away from stress and make her happy. It will help in her treatment”.
Sameeksha – “ Then why are you getting so emotional? Everything will be okay. Trust me, she will be fine”.
Dev looks Sameeksha with a smile.
After few days ,
Sameeksha and Dev meets a café.
Sameeksha – “How is your Nani ? Is she okay now?”
Dev – “ She is getting better, doctor has suggested that she should maintain her pressure level normal and take her other medicines on time”.
Sameeksha – “ She will become healthy very soon. I think we should push our marriage dates , like we can do it after 4 months.When I talked to her she was sad thinking that she won’t be able attend functions properly with this health condition. By then Nani’s health will become better, then she can enjoy every function”.
Dev looks Sameeksha being shocked. Dev looks to other side, Sameeksha smirks.
Dev (thinks) – “ We had planned all this to pre-pone the dates and she is using all this to post-pone the dates”.
Doctor – “ There is nothing to worry. She fainted because her BP became too low. But now it’s under control. We took an ECG too, there is no variation in that too. She is okay”.
Dev smiles being relaxed. Roma Raichand thanks god.
Dev – “ Thank you, Doctor. So we can take her home, right?”
Doctor – “ Yeah, sure”.
They gets up. Dev and Roma Raichand turns to leave. Roma Raichand stops and holds Dev’s hand. She takes him to the side.
Roma Raichand (whispers) – “Dev, I think this a chance to bring our game to the track”.
Dev (in low voice)- “What do you mean?”
Roma Raichand – “ Let’s make a deal with the Doctor. If my idea work , we can easily pre-pone your wedding dates. We shouldn’t leave this opportunity, god has given us this golden chance”.

Dev – “ But it’s Nani’s health”.
Roma Raichand – “ We aren’t harming her, we just using her small health issue tour benefit . It will help us”.
Dev thinks . Roma Raichand looks him. Dev nods his head.
They turns back to Doctor and sits back.
Roma Raichand – “ We need your favor but you need not do it for free . You will get paid for it”.

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Doctor looks her with a surprised expression. Dev looks Roma Raichand and she smirks)

Sameeksha(thinks) – “ How can I leave this opportunity ? Afterall, this is something you people gave me indirectly”.
Dev looks Sameeksha . She smiles.
Dev – “ You are right , she is worried for her health condition and our marriage. She is really close to me and she loves me the most”.
Sameeksha – “ Yeah.. I know you are favorite among your brothers to her. Since you are the younger one”.
Dev – “ Yeah, even I was thinking about pushing our marriage dates little more but … “.
Sameeksha –“ But .. what?”
Dev (trembling voice)–“ Because of this she is feeling scared that will she able to attend our marriage. What we say? She is feeling that what if she leaves all of us before our marriage .. I don’t how to make her understand that we won’t let anything happen to her”.

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Sameeksha – “ Don’t worry , Dev. I will make her understand. Relax”.
Dev – “ She has become adamant that she won’t go for her further treatment until we get married. She thinks that she don’t have much time. She is stressed thinking all this. Doctor has asked us to fulfill all her wishes to keep her happy. I don’t know what to do”.
Dev keeps his hand over his head and looks down. Sameeksha looks him with serious look. While Dev has naughty smile on his face which he tries to hide using his hand.
Sameeksha (thinks) – “ I knew it. This is where you are going to take it . How crooked? You are using your family member to move forward your dirty plan”.
Dev(thinks) – “ How can I let you use my trump card? I am the master of this game”.
Sameeksha –“ What do you mean by that?”
Dev –“ It would be great if we could pre pone our marriage dates to next month, this month is going to end in few days”.
Sameeksha –“Dev, but that would be too early. I think instead we should make Nani understand that her treatment is not risky. If marriage preparation begins now she won’t take rest properly or take care of herself”.
Dev –“ I know that but for us her happiness matters more. If she is happy, her health will improve. We love each other and we want to get married , what does it matter if it happens few days early? I know you will understand our situation. Mom will talk to pandit to get new date. Won’t you stand by me in this decision?”
Dev looks her and forwards his hand towards her. She tries to smile and then nods her head. She keeps her hand on his hand. Dev smiles.

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Sameeksha –“ Okay. I will stand by you”.
Dev –“ Thank you so much, I love you”.

At Sameeksha’s house.
Mr.Chowdhary – “You shouldn’t have agreed. You had a good chance to change the game, Sam”.

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Mrs.Chowdhary – “ I agree to your Dad’s opinion. You could have went forward with your plan”.

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Sameeksha – “ I have already told you that in this game we can’t always follow our plans alone, sometimes we have to go with flow . If I had decided strictly that this marriage should be stopped , then I would have finished any of Raichands and we could have delayed it. But it’s not a time to get my hands dirty or do I wish to have their blood on my hands”.
Mrs.Chowdhary – “ What’s plan then?”
Sameeksha – “Bluffing”.
Mr.Chowdhary – “What?”
Sameeksha – “ Yeah.. we will pretend we don’t worry about marriage. We need to just flaunt that we are all okay with this. Then they will think that we have some backup plan, we will throw some fakes hints if needed. We will make the take actions what we want and we will react to it . Let them work hard and let’s watch the show”.

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Mr.Chowdhary – “ Is there something you are hiding?”

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Mrs.Chowdhary – “ Did you got any idea about their full plan?”
Sameeksha – “ No… but I feel something.. if my intuition is right ? Leave it , let confirm it .I will tell you”.
After two days,
Mr.Chowdhary shows a list typed on phone to Sameeksha. Sameeksha checks it.
Sameeksha – “ I think we shouldn’t involve him this . Take his name from this guest list”.

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Mr.Chowdhary – “ But how can we exclude him? What if he gets to know about your marriage and comes here all of a sudden?”

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Sameeksha – “ I know it will be a problem but if he comes here he may complicate everything. We can’t include him in our plan and if he feel something fishy during the functions then it will be a problem”.
Mrs.Chowdhary – “ Sam, but you should find some way in between including and excluding”.
Sameeksha – “ I will find out some way. Dad, by the way all others is okay”.
Sameeksha’s phone rings . Dev’s name is flashing her phone screen. She picks the call.
Sameeksha – “ Hai , Dev”.

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Dev (fastly)– “Sameeksha, pandit have given us a good date for our marriage. Just check your whatsapp. I am in an urgent meeting. I will call back after sometimes ”.
Sameeksha checks it . She gets tensed.

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Dev smirks. He is at is office.
Dev (thinks) – “ I hope you liked the surprise”.
On other side, Sameeksha is worried. Mr. & Mrs.Chowdhary comes near to her.
Mrs.Chowdhary – “ What happened?”
Sameeksha – “ They got the date for marriage”.
Mr.Chowdhary – “ What’s the date?”
Sameeksha – “ 15th May”.
Mrs.Chowdhary – “ Is there any problem?”
Sameeksha – “ Samika and Dev got married on this same date 6 years before”.
Mr.Chowdhary – “ You mean that they have got the same date for this marriage too”.
Sameeksha – “ I never expected this . In past, I thought everything was real and trueness but I got late to know their truth and I couldn’t get them pay for their sins. But this time,I will rectify my mistake ”.      8CB596EE 1B1F 4FBD 8A2E 6249B3D4C192

On other side , Dev smirks.
Dev – “ How could I miss this date? It’s just a beginning , my dear”.

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Split screen – Sameeksha is worried and Dev is smiling. Scene freeze

Precap :- Sameeksha and Dev exchanges rings. They takes blessings from Dilip who is sitting on the wheel chair by touching his feet. He gives a cold look to her. She smirks.
At another place, a young man is looking at Sameeksha’s photo.
He says – “ How could you do this with me?”

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