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The wait is finally over. After successive changes and postponements owing to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 Twenty20 Cricket World Cup is here. The series was played in Australia last year, and then moved to India before it was again relocated. Now, the seventh edition of the T20 World Cup will take place in the United Arab Emirates and Oman over the next four weeks, marking the first time when the Middle East has hosted the event. As a country, India loves the sport of cricket and going by the same it is also reflected in the entertainment industry as well. There have been hordes of sports songs that have taken Indian masses by storm. They drip with enthusiasm, culture and spirit. Now, as the cricket world cup begins, here we have curated a list of 10 motivational songs that will help you cheer your team better.

Chak De

Speaking of motivational songs for India, one cannot miss the title track of Shah Rukh Khan starrer film Chak De. Filled with enthusiasm and positive spirit, this high-tempo song from the sports film always leaves viewers with goosebumps. Crooned by Sukhwinder Singh, Chak De is an apt song if your heart beats for India.

India Waale

This peppy track is from the multi-starrer comedy film Happy New Year including Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan in the lead roles. Although the movie isn’t based on any sport, it surely captures the essence of patriotism.


This adrenaline pumping anthem from the biographical movie Bhaag Milka Bhaag has all the elements that’s needed to boost the morale of your team. With energetic beats, this song perfectly evokes the feeling of not giving up. 

Baadal Pe Paon Hain

Baadal Pe Paon Hain is another track from the Shah Rukh Khan led film Chak De. With empowering lyrics and engaging beats, this song can easily instigate one to get on the field, thereby motivating them to reach their goal.

Ziddi dil

Depicting the plight of a decorated boxer, this song features in the Priyanka Chopra starrer movie Mary Kom. Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom is the only woman to become a six-time titleholder of the World Amateur Boxing Championship. Showcasing her journey of her hard work, this song has the capability of igniting burning passion in one’s heart.

Chale Chalo

When one talks about cricket, Lagaan is one evergreen film that comes to every Indian’s mind immediately. With passion, patriotism and positive spirit, Chale Chalo also contains uplifting lyrics on teamwork and how working together leads to victory.


This self-titled anthem from Lakshya  is all about finding a vision and working towards it. The song can aptly inspire the Indian team to work together for achieving their goal of lifting the World cup this year.

Jagga Jiteya

‘How’s the Josh?’ When you listen to this track, the reply ‘High Sir’ will automatically flow out of your body. With its Punjabi undertones and fervid patriotism, Jaaga Jiteya from Uri hits the right chord in one’s heart.

Chak Lein De

With a Punjabi tadka again, this number from Akshay Kumar starrer Chandni Chowk to China moves your soul. Depicting the plight of a martial artist, this song remains embedded in the minds of Indian sports lovers.



This song urges one to get up and get going! From the film MS Dhoni, it follows the cricketer’s initial days of struggle. This song talks about how one can always find time for their passion! 

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