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Hungama 2 Movie Review: Paresh Rawal, Shilpa Shetty Comedy Movie
Hungama 2 Movie Review: Paresh Rawal, Shilpa Shetty Comedy Movie

Director- Priyadarshan Artists- Meezaan Jaffrey, Pranitha Subhash, Paresh Rawal, Shilpa Shetty, Ashutosh Rana, Manoj Joshi, Tiku Talsaniya Scenario- Yunus SajawalPlatform- Disney Plus Hotstar Comedy Movies Whenever names are used, director Priyadarshan has four or five movies of more than that.

Producer Vashu Bhagnani’s son Jackky has also been tried by Priyadarshan in his latest Hindi film ‘Rangrez’. Now it is seen that he is trying to make Javed Jaffrey’s son Meezaan a hero in the movie ‘Hungama 2’ but after seeing this movie it can be said that Priyadarshan should now retire. More than half of the people who saw the movie ‘Hungama 2’ saw the movie under his name, but it’s nothing but a waste of time. How important the writing of dialogues and their delivery is in a comedy film is understood by watching this film. In the film, Johnny Lever or the children’s scenes can provide some relief, but it is a big challenge to see the film completely according to the story.

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Story: Akash () is a maverick boy who is going to marry the daughter of Bajaj (Manoj Joshi), a friend of his father Kapoor (Ashutosh Rana). The engagement preparations take place before the wedding, when a girl Vani (Pranita Subhash) brings a girl to Akash’s house. Vani says this baby belongs to her and Akash. Akash says Vaani is lying. Then in this case, at the behest of Kapoor, there is a mention of Anjali (who Kapoor considers his daughter). Meanwhile, Anjali’s husband Radhe (Paresh Rawal) thinks Akash and Anjali are having an affair and this is where all the commotion begins.

Hungama 2 Hindi Movie Download

Judgement: If you have seen the trailer of the film, you will get an idea of ​​the story. It’s like Priyadarshan’s comedy movies where you get to see loud comedy scenes, comedic situations and misunderstandings. If you are a fan of comedy movies, you will not be disappointed at all. However, if you want to see something new, then you won’t get to see it because it’s like any Priyadarshan comedy film. Hungama 2’s old treatment might disappoint you when there’s content from every genre on the web. When you see the film, you will feel that it is an amalgamation of Priyadarshan’s old films Hungama, Hustle, De Dana Dan and Malamaal Weekly. The movie is a bit long and old jokes and punchlines are used extensively in it.

The story of the movie ‘Hungama 2’ is a new distortion of the comedy of error. It is common in Mumbai that the producer starts making a movie without knowing the story. Producer Ratan Jain made the movie ‘Hungama 2’ to get Shilpa Shetty back on the silver screen. The story was not with him at the time of making this decision, it can be understood by watching the film. There is a middle-aged man who doubts his wife. He has a beautiful wife who likes to talk to the youngsters. Hero has his own problems here. There is a girl who has a child. The father of the child to whom she tells. He is involved in a DNA test. Everything is drama. I just miss the script to tie all these different stories together. The weakest link of the movie ‘Hungama 2′ is the script and then it’s the dialogues’ turn. Neeraj Vora, the dialogue writer of the movie ‘Hungama’, remembered this movie a lot.

Acting: In the film you get to see all the favorite actors of Priyadarshan, Paresh Rawal, Manoj Joshi, Tiku Talsania, Johnny Lever and Rajpal Yadav. The new entry is from Meezaan Jaffrey, Pranitha Subhash, Ashutosh Rana and Shilpa Shetty. In terms of acting, you can’t point the finger at any actor as everyone has done a great job. Most importantly, no one has much screen time and each character keeps coming and going in 5-10 minutes, which doesn’t feel like anything new in the story. Meezaan and Pranitha made their debut and maybe they managed to get their place in this movie.

Why watch: If you’re a fan of Priyadarshan’s comedy movies and want to watch a light-hearted comedy movie on the weekend, it’s not bad.

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