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How The Flash Movie Trailer Brings Back Michael Keaton’s Batman Burtonverse
How The Flash Movie Trailer Brings Back Michael Keaton’s Batman Burtonverse

The teaser wastes no time bringing in Keaton and the Gotham City of the Burtonverse as quickly as possible. We see two versions of Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen – a likely consequence of the Flash tampering with the timeline to save his mother (see: flash point) — approach Keaton’s Wayne Manor in a taxi. In reality, that’s Burghley House, a 16th-century manor house in Stamford, England, that looks very similar to the 1989 Wayne Manor Batman. (The first film used Knebworth House in Hertfordshire as the mansion’s exterior.) But here it’s clearly meant to evoke the somewhat eerie, Gothic exterior of Bruce’s house, where he spends his nights, swinging upside down like a bat and waiting signal in the air.

We can deduce that the Barry’s came to Bruce for help after making a mess of the DC timeline/multiverse, but a voiceover delivered by Keaton just like it ’89 makes it sound like he’s holding back is to help – or has lost the will to fight.

“Tell me something. You can go anywhere you want, right? Any timeline, any universe. Why do you want to stay and fight to save this one?” Bruce says of Keaton, probably to Barry.

The man haunted by his past and who will stop at nothing to protect his city, even if it means blowing up or setting fire to some circus freaks, isn’t that young anymore. He may have lost some of his fight by the time Barry catches up to him, no doubt leading to the big third act where the Flash inspires a bruised and battered Bruce to take a stand again. It is a classic setup where the mentor learns as much from the protégé as the student from the master.

But the teaser confirms that Keaton will take a few hits before then…

The Flash Batsuit

The teaser shifts to a scene in a bathroom, where Bruce has thrown off his suit – which was recently revealed to be the same from Batman returns — after what appears to be a particularly brutal fight. Pools of blood spill from the hood and suit, a bloodier portrayal of Keaton’s world than anything we say in the two Burton films. Sure, Bruce got bruised and bruised in those movies, but here he’s spurting blood all over the floor, probably on his way to that bath where I’m afraid he’ll pass out and drown after such a huge kick. And if you needed some extra confirmation after Michael Gough passed away in 2011, there probably isn’t an Alfred to patch him up these days.

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