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Help Channel 4: Full Cast Introductions and Plot Overview
Help Channel 4: Full Cast Introductions and Plot Overview

Help is a brand new drama series coming to Channel 4. First, in this article, we’ll cover the introductions to the full cast of Help Channel 4. If you’re unfamiliar with the plot, we’ll share details about it in this post as well. But let’s give you a broad stroke first. It is a story between a patient and his caregiver. Their lives are about to change. Second, this is one of the stories of a post-covid pandemic scenario as it unfolds in the beginning. Consequently, the dramatization will be interesting as it is one of the first television series to cover this life-changing event for all of us.

In this article we will explore the cast of this TV movie for Channel 4. In addition, we will share with you a summary of the plot. After that, we’ll tell you a little more about the production details surrounding the film, the filming locations and the explanation of the final scene. Moreover, “Help” is one of those critical films that can take us to places we know about a topic that concerns us all as it is the global covid-19 pandemic. Now, without further ado, let’s discuss this topic here.

Help Channel 4 full cast introductions

Help Channel 4 full cast introductions

Help Channel 4 full cast introductions

First, Jodie Comer (she played Villanelle in BBC’s “Killing Eve”) plays Sarah, a young girl with a lot of emotional baggage in her life. Always berated and belittled. Until she landed a job at a care facility called “Bright Sky Homes” in Liverpool. She had a rough teenage life and childhood. Spending a lot of time in and out of the student referral units. But she finds her passion in that janitor job while helping others. Second, we have Stephen Graham in the male lead (you may remember him from movies like “Snatch” and “Gangs of New York”). He plays Tony, a middle-aged man diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s disease who lives in the facility where Sarah lives.

Tony lives at Bright Sky Homes, has no close relatives as his mother has passed away. And becomes very close to Sarah, his caretaker. Third, Ian Hart (he played Professor Quirrell in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone) plays Steve. Steve is the homeowner and manager of Bright Sky Care. A short-tempered man who inherited the facility from his late mother. In the supporting actress, Sue Jonhston (she played Barbara Royle in BBC’s The Royal Family) plays Gloria. Gloria is another resident of the Bright Sky Care Home who has dementia. In addition, Cathy Tyson (Night & Day) plays an English teacher with dementia. And Angela Griffin (from Coronation Street) plays care assistant Tori, a woman who opposes Tim and cares deeply about the residents.

Additional Cast Members

Leslie Sharp, who participated in the famous comedy “The Full Monty”, plays Gaynor. She is Sarah’s loving mother with a major defect. That is, she does not protect herself from her husband and father. And in the role of Sarah’s father, Bob, we have Andrew Schofield. In addition, Schofield worked in Coronation Street. In ‘Help’, he brings to life a character who is hard on her daughter, berating and belittling her. In another supporting role, Arthur Hughes plays Tim, a senior care assistant at the facility. Steve Garti plays Kenny, a Liverpool native of advanced age friends with Tony. David Hayman, from ‘Trial & Retribution’, plays an elderly patient with dementia at the healthcare facility. And lastly, Ellis Howerd plays Robbie. He is Sarah’s brother.

Help Channel 4 plot

Help tells the story of Sarah (Jodie Comer), a young aid worker who has struggled to feel welcome until she accepts a job as a carer at Bright Skies Care Home in Liverpool. She makes an unexpected friendship with Tony (Stephen Graham), 47, who has Alzheimer’s disease and has had violent and angry outbursts since entering the care facility. As the film progresses, the relationship between a caregiver and a resident is explored, highlighting the difficulties they faced during a period of terrifying uncertainty.

The Covid pandemic began in March 2020 and ties between workers, patients and their families intensified. Poorly equipped, under-prepared and under-supported, Sarah and her colleagues struggle to care for their patients. Whose circumstances make their suffering seem far more terrible. She goes out of her way to take care of them, but the staff’s unwavering dedication can only go so far. And Sarah’s determination is put to the test, prompting her to find a way out.

Help with filming locations

Most of Help was shot in Liverpool, although some scenes were also shot in Cheshire. Thurstaston Beach on the Wirral Peninsula was also used. Some shots were even done in caravans to minimize the risk of contracting COVID-19 or passing it on to patients, as many caregivers were forced to move to mobile homes during the epidemic. The film’s final act, in which Sarah is alone on the night shift and frantically trying to contact emergency services, is shot in one take over 26 minutes.

Help Channel 4 full cast introductions

Still from Help

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