Schools to Reopen From June 1 for Classes 9 To 12!!!

Schools to Reopen From June 1 for Classes 9 To 12!!!
Schools to Reopen From June 1 for Classes 9 To 12!!!

Haryana to reopen Schools for Class 9 to 12 Students from June 1!!! School Opening News Today in Hindi Latest News

Haryana government has decided to open schools in the state from June 1, 2021. Haryana government to allow students from 9th to 12th grade to attend school from June 1

The government had earlier extended the summer vacations for the schools in the state due to the COVID-19 pandemic until May 31, 2021. The schools are allowed to reopen under the guidelines issued by the Haryana state government.

The orders related to the reopening of the schools in the district have been sent to the Directorate of Education and District Education Offices across the state which is to send School wise data of student infrastructure including a number of bench rooms in the schools. All the schools in order to open from June 1 must follow covid instructions released by DoE.

Kurukshetra district education officer Arun Ashri said,” In order to confirm the government directives a link to Google form was sent 2 months ago by the directorate. It was filling up by sending 116 school principals from across the district information has gone directly to the Directorate. Also, immediate action was taken and there was no intervention of district office making the decision.”

Under the guidelines issued only a single student is allowed to sit on a bench and all the schools are required to follow the COVID-19 instructions released by the Directorate of Education.

As per reports, along with the new rule issued of a single student on a bench, all the other COVID-19 instructions will be applicable including marks, hand sanitizers, social distancing, etc. These directives are being made mandatory for the schools which will be reopening from June 1, 2021, for the students from class 9 to 12.

The state Education Minister of Haryana cover Pal earlier on Sunday announced that the Haryana Board of Secondary Education will conduct the 12th board examination from June 15 2021. Also Haryana Board Exams for class 10th have been cancelled due to the second wave of covid-19.