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It was 37 years ago when a multi-faceted singer and a television judge was born. With a quirk that stands apart, she’s enamoured million hearts with her voice and flair for fashion that’s nowhere close to ordinary. While a few celebs would aim to play safe, she choses something the world would talk about days or let’s just say years. 

As we ring in her birthday to continue celebrating her deft in every realm she sets foot in, here are the times she dressed up like a candy who sprinkled glam-like confetti. Seen many pull it off before? Of course, not. That’s the Roar singer for you. We’re just giving you another reason to remember her for all the days to come.

She’s never the one to be late to any style party. While people are going big on latex lately, it was in 2010 when she picked one for X factor, the Italian tv show. Her blush pink latex dress stuck like a glove to her body and came with prints of candies in pink, blue, and yellow. The strappy bodycon dress and lace-up red and white peep-toe booties looked so very party-like.

happy birthday katy perry candy outfits fashion1 irl

The mother-of-one is ultra-famous for colouring up the stage super bright and pretty. As seen here, she did just that during the California Dreams Tour in 2011. The Hot N Cold singer was dressed in a strappy sky blue bodysuit that was all decked up with colourful embellishments. Notice the cute candies placed close to the sweetheart neckline of her outfit? Putting the norms of bodysuits are for beach days alone to rest, she styled it up with a sheer pantyhose and pink sparkly Mary Jane shoes. Her wig agrees to play along with the theme. How much blue is a lot to handle? This queen knows no bounds.

fashion2 happy birthday katy perry candy outfits irl

In another episode of how to shine like chocolate in this case, she showed us how to go all metallic in this three-piece dressed up as the sweetest Hershey’s kisses chocolate herself. Katy was clad in a silver crop top which resembled the mini chocolate with the paper tag flying out free, she clubbed it with a high-waisted super tight mini skirt which also made her panty visible. She got that cool blue wig on and nailed it all.

 happy birthday katy perry candy fashion3 outfits irl

Looking like a Mannequin, she posed in all of her prettiness dressed in a satin gown for Los Premios MTV Latin America Awards 2008. The sweetheart neckline dress featured a well-fitted bodice and from the waist, it bloomed into a voluminous fit which had the fabric stitched close to get the ruched detail out. To give us all a taste of glam, it had prints of candies spread all over. The I Kissed a Girl star sealed her lookout with a studded crown that sparkled and satin white hand gloves.

fashion4  happy birthday katy perry candy outfits irl

Think she would apply for a day off from putting out the most fashionable looks? It’s never in her books. For the California Dreams Tour 2011 held in Florida, Katy was seen all perky dressed in a mini pink dress that boasted of impeccable details like the red embellished heart placed as the bodice which was attached close to the tulle skater skirt which had the yummy-looking colourful chocolates and pink ribbons that partied together. She wore this resplendent strappy dress with pink pumps and pink ice cream with a cone that sat as the headgear. Hence proved, flower headgears are a thing of the past.

happy birthday katy perry fashion5 candy outfits irl

Care to please yourself with peppermints? They aren’t just for your throat, works a dream when you wear them as well. Johnny Wujek took the assignment of amping up Katy’s look for a live show, he chose a white mini twinkling dress that weighed 12 pounds and bore peppermints that would spin time to time as the star moved. To complement her dress, mesh pantyhose, red gloves, and Mary Jane shoes were chosen aptly.

fashion6 happy birthday katy perry candy outfits irl

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