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GTA Trilogy Leaks: What Is The New Rockstar About?
GTA Trilogy Leaks: What Is The New Rockstar About?

What are the GTA Trilogy Leaks? What is the new GTA game about? When will it come out? Since Rockstar Games released a tweet about their upcoming GTA game on Twitter. Since then, fans can’t wait to learn more about the upcoming GTA game that has been teasing Rockstar. The GTA franchise is undoubtedly one of the most popular game franchises around the world. The first GTA game was released in 1997 and since then it has had six more episodes in the series. The latest GTA game was the fifth installment to be released in 2013.

The Grand Theft Auto series is widely known for its open world. Furthermore, apart from the free world, the game also had a good storyline that kept the gamers hooked. However, while creating the first game, the developers had the concept of creating a street racing and crashing game. But the developers later took inspiration and came up with the concept of persuading people and police who are chasing you for the crime in the game. So a racing game evolved into a crime syndicate themed action adventure game series, the GTA.

The latest GTA V is a huge hit in the game industry. But aside from the latest installment, Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas are also hugely popular. It’s been over ten years since these games came out. But they are still the fan favorites. That’s why Rockstar Games has announced the release of GTA Trilogy, the remastered version of GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas. But with better graphics and textures along with newer mechanics. Since the announcement, there have been many GTA Trilogy leaks. Today we will talk about the upcoming game and what we know so far about the Rockstar Games and leaks.

GTA Trilogy Leaks: What Is The New Rockstar About?


What is the plot of the upcoming GTA game?

The upcoming GTA trilogy is the retelling of the three older generation Grand Theft Auto games: GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas. The game will have three different storylines. Furthermore, the first one will focus on the plot of the 2001 GTA game. The first story revolves around a simple robber Claude, who fails a bank robbery after his girlfriend, Catalina, betrays him and has him arrested. However, Claude escapes punishment and soon finds himself working for a mafia family and even falls in love with Don Salvatore Leone’s wife, Maria. As the story progresses, Claude faces more betrayals and must fight the mafia, Yakuza, and also his ex-girlfriend while trying to protect his current girlfriend, Maria.

The second story of the GTA trilogy revolves around Tommy Vercetti, a mobster who got out of prison after committing murder for 15 years. Shortly after the release, Tommy’s boss, Sonny Forelli, instructs him to set up a drug company in Vice City. However, Tommy loses the drugs and money in an ambush. Sonny threatens Tommy to get his money and drugs back or the consequences would be bad. So Tommy goes to Vice City to recoup the losses. But instead, he becomes Vice City’s drug lord. But his power now makes Sonny angry. Tommy must now also fight his former employer, in addition to controlling his criminal empire.

GTA Trilogy leaks

Claude, Tommy Vercetti and CJ

The final game in the trilogy tells the plot of the 2004 GTA San Andreas. The plot revolves around a former mobster, CJ, who returned to San Andreas to attend his mother’s funeral. However, the special police force, CRASH led by Tenpenny, captures CJ and asks for his cooperation, otherwise they will arrest him on false charges of murdering a cop. Soon, CJ’s older brother Sweet asks him to stay and help him increase their gang’s influence again. For example, CJ helps his brother grow the gang. Therefore, he must fight against rival gangs, Ballas and Vagos. Furthermore, CJ must also go against mafia, treason and also team up with a government agent, Mike Toreno, to expose Tenpenny’s corruption and be arrested.

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