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One of the most appealing perks of social media is the ability to create a connection between superstars and their fans. Gemma Chan has always been a fan favourite, whether in the high society of Singapore in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ or as the lead Celestial in the new ‘Eternals‘ film, and the English law student-turned-actress has just shared some behind-the-scenes photos from the her latest hit movie while filming in the Canary Islands.

Check out her post below:

The series of photos which initially features Gemma Chan and Scottish actor Richard Madden (who plays Ikaris in the film) ostensibly only play lovers in ‘Eternals,’ the photos above look exactly like the kind of photos a couple would take! Whether or not these two British actresses are romantically linked in real life, they make an appealing combination. However, what really caught everyone’s attention was this one picture in the series which features Kit Harrington, Gemma herself and none other than Harry Styles. Yes, you read that right.

Interestingly, when asked in a recent interview whether singer Harry Styles would appear in ‘Eternals,’ Kit Harington (who portrays Dane Whitman) flatly denied knowing, but we can see from the image above that the English actor was plainly lying.

Meanwhile, Chloé Zhao finally opened up about how she stumbled upon the British singer to be cast as Eros in the film. Speaking to Deadline, the Oscar-winning director said that she would have eliminated the character if Harry had declined the role. “Harry as Eros was very much a package deal for me. I pitched the idea of Pip the Troll [voiced by Patton Oswalt] and Eros to Kevin [Feige, Marvel Studios president] a while back, and I love the idea of exploring an Eternal who is beyond Titan and who may have influenced Thanos throughout the years the same way Eternals influenced us, earthlings,” she said.

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