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Foundation Episode 9: End Declared! Does Hari Seldon live on Terminus? Is Fara dead?
Foundation Episode 9: End Declared! Does Hari Seldon live on Terminus? Is Fara dead?

Foundation Episode 9 is available on Apple TV+! if you want to know the explanation of the end of episode 9, Read more! Our faithful companion Gaal kicks off the penultimate episode of the first season of foundation by claiming that the story itself is mankind’s greatest invention. Then we see a teenage Salvor who asks her father where the people come from.

Foundation Episode 9

Because it’s an easy question, with an easy answer. Ironically, Abbas theorizes the idea that humans in the past only existed on one planet, citing Earth as a possible beginning. The conversation deepens when teenaged Salvor wonders how people can hate each other when they’re all from the same place.

Foundation Episode 9 End explained

Back at Terminus, Hugo and his Thespian allies arrive just in time to see Salvor open the vault, and everyone on the planet awakens from their coma. However, a stalemate develops between the Anacreon and the Thespies. Salvor begs them to come to an agreement, but Phara keeps firing at the vault until the Great Hunter gets an arrow in the neck. At the End of Episode 9 of FoundationHari Seldon is seen from the safe, which is now open.

Foundation Episode 9 End

So it looks like Hari Seldon has finally arrived at Terminus decades after the Foundation team arrived. However, from his demeanor it looks like he arrived just in time as he congratulates everyone present for sticking to his plan.

So the End of Episode 9 of Foundation proves that from the outset, Hari intended to make the Anacreons, the Thespies, and the members of the Foundation work together. However, the mathematician is not alive, and the version of him emerging from the Vault is likely a similar hologram to the one talking to Gaal on the Crow.

The Great Hunter of Anacreon, who leads her people in an attempt to get revenge for the widespread destruction of their planet, is eventually killed in this episode. Finally, to prevent her from firing at the Vault, the Guardian of Terminus shoots Phara with his own bow. The fact that the rest of his army gives up without thinking shows that they too are probably relieved by the death of their maniacal leader.

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