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Raw and realistic

– Review

Viji lives with Dora, a transperson in a small rented house. One day their close friend Shanthi, also a transperson, is murdered.

Viji is hired by a carpenter to threaten a few men who create problems for women. Meanwhile, the carpenter’s son falls in love with Dora.

The carpenter comes to know about this and does not approve of it. Now it is upto Viji to find Shanthi’s murderer and also to safeguard Dora. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

Directed by Vijayabaskar, the movie has some hard-hitting dialogues. The director has tried to present the struggles of transgender in a raw and real manner.

Vijayabaskar also plays the lead role in the flick and delivers an emotional performance.

Rest of the cast including Sugumar Shanmugam, Dora Sree, Siva Elango have all done their part well. Music by Human Ezhilan is good.
Bharanikunar’s camerawork is appreciable. Editing by King David is crisp. The movie is bankrolled by RM Nanu.

Rating: 3.3/5
By Naveen