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Arslan Goni was seen earlier this year in the gangster drama Mai Hero Boll Raha Hun. The actor in a recent interview with Pinkvilla opened up about the OTT boom and why he has no inhibitions in doing nude scenes. When asked about how OTT has evolved today, Goni acknowledged that as time goes by OTT actors will also become stars.  

He said, “OTT actors are noticed for their work and it is often an ensemble cast which purely works on content and films are larger than life, so the attraction is different as you watch films on the big screen. OTT actors will also become stars in their own right with the passage of time. An actor is an actor irrespective of any medium.” 

He also acknowledged how content is constantly evolving on streaming platforms. “Extra marital affairs and other kinds of things were always shown in films. In India, it was less. In Hollywood, it was always more. With the progression of content and OTT, all kinds of content are being made, shown and loved. Audience is very receptive and the new-age generation is far more exposed and educated, thanks to the era of internet and technology,” Arslan Goni said.

The actor also got candid about baring it all in front of the camera. He stated that he would have no inhibitions. “I did nude scenes in Mystery Man. I have no inhibitions if the script and the character demands. I don’t feel the need to say no. Every actor has a choice and the thought process of every actor varies,” Goni remarked.

On a parting note, Goni also had some recommendations when it comes to web series. “I’ve heard a lot about Money Heist, so I recommend it for its unique content and I recommend Delhi Crime. It has the perfect casting, perfect acting and perfect content,” he said.

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