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Download Veer Gomtesha in HD from Tamilrockers
Download Veer Gomtesha in HD from Tamilrockers

Veer Gomtesha is a Hindi drama about an atheist reporter who does not believe in his religion and rituals. But while covering one of his stories, he gets informed about his religion and wanted to save his community. He got the knowledge and purpose of his religion while telling that story.

Download Veer Gomtesha in HD from Tamilrockers

The film is directed and written by Sashank Jain and stars Sushil Johri and Rohit Mehta. The film is produced by Kawar Pictures, Entertainment Frames and Rangshala Productions.

Rohit Mehta, who played the role of Veer, was asked by his boss to cover a Jain religion event. He went there with his cameraman friend where he learns about Jain philosophy, Santhara and Samadhimaran and got very impressed and became a great supporter of Jain philosophy. In this film, he was found to be legally fighting for the laws passed against his religion.

The film is not a typical commercial film and is of a completely different genre. People who want to change their tastes can watch this film in the nearest theaters on November 12.



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