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Does The Walking Dead season 11 tease Alexandria’s defeat at the hands of the Commonwealth?
Does The Walking Dead season 11 tease Alexandria’s defeat at the hands of the Commonwealth?

That orange armor is as distinctive as it comes. Mercer stands in front of Daryl, Rosita and several other Alexandrians on their own turf. This suggests that Eugene broke down during the interrogation of Lance Hornsby and the Commonwealth and gave up the location of Alexandria. That could be bad news for Alexandria, as the post-apocalyptic superstate The Commonwealth doesn’t seem to have a habit of making friends.

After two wars, a famine and a brutal storm, Alexandria has never been more vulnerable. If the Commonwealth wants to crush it under its boot, it is free to do so with little resistance. The only clear route to Alexandria’s survival then is diplomacy. And based on another short shot in the trailer, their diplomatic efforts can actually work.

While Mercer and his men are visiting Alexandria, here we see Carol in what is clearly the town square of The Commonwealth. Maybe we have some sort of cultural exchange program between the two communities. If Alexandria chose an ambassador, it couldn’t get any better than Carol Peletier.

What about Eugene’s crew? The last time we saw in Episode 7, Eugene had made a big taboo about attacking Governor Pamela Milton’s terrible son. While it’s not clear if that particular offense will be forgiven anytime soon, we get this riveting shot of Eugene and Princess in a formal attire.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Teaser - Princess and Eugene

This teaser with its urgent music and quick cuts does a nice job of suggesting that Alexandria will once again face existential threats. Those who have read the comics, however, know that the time for all-out war is largely over and the survivors face their toughest post-apocalyptic challenge yet: politics.

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