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Chicago White Sox: 3 Reasons They’ll Win the World Series
Chicago White Sox: 3 Reasons They’ll Win the World Series

The Chicago White Sox were great in 2021. They came around the corner with high hopes in 2020. They didn’t get very far into the 2020 postseason, but they were clearly a young team on the rise. They are still on the rise because they are very young, but they have taken an even bigger step this year.

Unfortunately, the White Sox suffered a lot of injuries this year. Many teams did that for whatever reason, but the White Sox had injuries to extremely tough players. They fought through it all season and managed to come out as champions of the American League Central Division. It was a long difficult season, but they made it.

This is the first time the White Sox have won the division since 2008. It also marked the first time in franchise history that they have made it to the playoffs for the second year in a row. It took a long time, but this team is ready for the competition after the season.

They’ve been so long ahead of the second-place Cleveland Indians, so it’ll be interesting to see them back in high-intensity matches. Their first round matchup will be against the Houston Astros, which is a very difficult team to start with. However, they have what it takes to do it.

The Chicago White Sox have as good a chance as anyone of winning the World Series.

It seems to be the type of team that could win or lose the World Series in the first round and no one would be surprised by either outcome. It’s a very good team with a lot of talent everywhere. If all these three things happen for this squad, they will win the World Series:

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