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Billie Eilish’s new endeavor may make scent lovers happier than ever. On Wednesday, the pop singer revealed on Instagram that she would be releasing her own fragrance, Eilish, calling it “my favorite smell in the WORLD.” “Perfumes have been one of my greatest joys in life, and I’ve always wanted to make one,” the “Therefore I Am” singer, 19, told Vogue as per Page Six.

The singer further said, “And not as Billie Eilish, not as an artist, not as a singer; I wanted to make a perfume to have a perfume. It has nothing to do with me, I’m just branding it so that people see it.” However, the fragrance’s components include chocolate, soft spices, and vanilla. “I’ve always been in love with vanilla, since I was a kid and my mom would teach me to bake,” she told the magazine — in addition to base notes of musk, tonka bean and sleek woods. 

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However, with the star’s perfume scheduled to be released in November, she further said that she “wanted it to feel cozy, almost like the word November,” which she describes as a “brown word and month—almost like tree bark.” Interestingly, the star also revealed to Vogue that she and her father both had synesthesia, a condition in which various senses, such as smell and sight, combine. “My favorite smells are these like, amber-colored smells, to me, in my brain,” she said. “I have a really strong nose, and since I was like a little kid, smells are all I think about.”

Meanwhile, the perfume, which will sell exclusively on for USD 68 and is designed to match the “amber-colored” fragrances, comes in a sculptural amber-bronze bottle portraying a woman’s breast. “I’ve always had an infatuation with back and collarbones and just like, bones and bodies,” she told the fashion glossy of the human body-inspired bottle, adding that she abstracted the metallic figure, so it wasn’t depicting a “certain body type.” However, Eilish is far from the first celebrity to cash in on the fragrance business; Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, and Jennifer Lopez have all had their own fragrances for years, and Rihanna just extended her Fenty empire with the launch of her own fragrance.

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