Bigg Boss Telugu 5: House turns into a hotel for captaincy task; Anee & Sunny argue » sarkariaresult


Day 66 begins with a pastry being placed in the garden area asking who has the eligibility to eat it. The housemates gathered around and discussed their reasons and justified their eligibility. After much discussion, captain Anne takes the call. The next morning, as no one ate it, Sunny sneakingly eats the cake and Anne makes a fuss about it and says that Sunny has always cheated and is not right.

Bigg Boss gives a captaincy task ‘BB Hotel’ to the housemates and also gives Ravi a secret task to act as a hotel employee and impress others. Sunny comes to the hotel as a village guy. Siri checks in as a millionaire’s daughter and makes him do fun things and also asks him to apologies to her. Shannu feeds her welcome drink. Sreeram also sings for Siri whereas Shannu dances. She also makes Shannu fill a glass of water with a spoon.

Maanas and Priyanka are the next guests as a newly married couple. Sunny touches her and Priyanka leaves saying that Maanas didn’t say anything to Sunny. Ravi asks for a tip but none of the guests give. He steals some from Kajal’s wallet. Kajal screams that she lost her money and checks the wallets of everyone.

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