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Day 26
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song dance mare re. They all dance.

8:45 AM
Umar, Karan and others are sleeping so the alarm starts playing. Jay asks Afsana to wake up, you can’t become a captain like this. Afsana says let me sleep. Bigg Boss asks Afsana to wear her mic. Afsana asks Jay to leave her alone, you keep taunting me. Jay says I am just reminding you. Afsana says you are ill-mannered.

9 AM
Vishal looks at the sky and wishes her mother a happy birthday. He says I miss you Maa, I used to tell my brother that our mother became a star. I am trying my best here, they are all pouncing me because I was moving forward. They are all playing a game even with relationships. He gets emotional.

10 AM
Karan asks Umar that you people took everything yesterday in the task physically so it’s a psychological game.

10:30 AM
Karan tells Shamita that I lost a lot of friends in last year because of my breakup. I got too involved in the relationship which made me lose my friends. Shamita says how did it happen? Karan says I was not accepting my mistakes. I messed up relationships with my friends, my family and others. I care about people but I am also self-centered. I also kept going away from my partner. I should have talked to her and then maybe we could have sorted things. Shamita says I have always been with men that my family never liked so I get you.

10:45 AM
Ishaan tells Vishal that I was not vulgar with Miesha as Rajiv said. Vishal says not at all, Rajiv is your friend but he will play a game that will benefit him. I think Rajiv is also possessive about his people that’s why he doesn’t like Miesha with you and he doesn’t like Shamita as my sister. Ishaan says I am irritated with people questioning my relationship with Miesha.

11 AM
Miesha tells Karan that Rajiv taunted me that Ishaan’s family doesn’t like me. Karan says Rajiv is possessive about Ishaan so he might be lying. Nishant tells Karan that he will support him dating. Karan says you can’t date without asking me.

11:30 AM
Ishaan tells Karan that I don’t think my parents are miffed with Miesha. Karan says Rajiv is very possessive about you, Miesha would feel weird seeing his reaction to you. Miesha didn’t react. Rajiv was going off on you for no reason. Ishaan says I will take a stand against him if needed.

2 PM
Ishaan brings Miesha to Rajiv. He tells Rajiv that don’t tell me what my family thinks about Miesha and we are vulgar. You are destroying my image on national TV. I just don’t want any problem between me and Miesha because of your words. Bigg Boss asks Ishaan to wear his mic. Rajiv asks what is he going on about? Rajiv tells Ishaan that you asked me about your family and I told you that they don’t like Miesha. Ishaan says I have a certain image and you are destroying it, you kept talking about that issue. Rajiv says people are taunting Ishaan that I am Miesha’s competition. Shamita tells Ishaan that it’s not Rajiv’s fault if others are taunting her. Ishaan says Rajiv is not stopping them. Rajiv says I didn’t say anything to others. He shouts at Ishaan that you know me for 2 years and you are taking the side of this girl? Ishaan says she is my girlfriend. Rajiv says you don’t care about our friendship for 2 years? Karan says I joked about Rajiv being Miesha’s competition. Ishaan tells Rajiv that you said that Miesha is fooling me and whatnot, your words are affecting me. Rajiv says I don’t care about Miesha, you are my friend that’s why I said all this. Rajiv says I have no relationship with Ishaan from now on, I won’t talk to him at all. Ishaan says don’t call me a fool and whatnot. Karan asks Rajiv to calm down. Rajiv says I have done so much for this guy Ishaan, I was advising Ishaan to not be a fool. I have done so much for him. Ishaan says you keep bragging about it. Ishaan says I know you took me out of depression but you can’t keep bragging about it. Shamita says it was just a joke. Ishaan says I am a straight guy but if they joke that Rajiv is Miesha’s competition then I look like a gay person. Shamita says what’s Rajiv’s fault in all this? Shamita tells Rajiv to not talk about outside matters anymore. He says yes.

2:15 PM
Shamita tells Rajiv that you can’t ask Ishaan to prioritize you, Ishaan would put his girlfriend above than you. He would protect his girlfriend. Rajiv says I know what’s going on outside.
Jay asks Ishaan if he has taken Miesha’s side right? Ishaan says yes. Jay says then let’s end it. Rajiv says I am tired of this mess. Ishaan says I didn’t come

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