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Today we see that Anita tries to convince Vibhuti and tells him to forgive Tiwari as the latter is facing many financial problems. Vibhuti gets angry and tells Anita that he cannot cheat with his bank as his job is to recover money from debtors who refuse to return the money. Anita gets furious and orders Vibhuti to sleep with David until he forgives Tiwari. Vibhuti agrees to Anita’s condition and leaves the house. Later, Vibhuti decides to keep a watch on Tiwari and makes him feel irritated as he constantly peeps in his window. 

Angoori requests Vibhuti to leave and assures that Tiwari will not escape until he repays all his debts. Vibhuti is convinced by Angoori and decides to leave from there and before leaving he tells Tiwari to get ready as the police will arrest him if he failed to repay the money. Tiwari tells Angoori to convince Vibhuti as he feels that his wife can make the latter understand their financial problem. After a while, Angoori sees Vibhuti and calls him near their house. Vibhuti feels overwhelmed as Angoori has called him for the first time in 6 years. Angoori at first feels hesitant to talk to Vibhuti regarding Tiwari’s case. 

Vibhuti makes her comfortable and tells her to express her feelings. Angoori requests Vibhuti to talk with his manager about Tiwari’s case as they are facing financial problems. Elsewhere, Tiwari visits Anita’s house and asks her about Vibhuti’s reply when she informs him about his case. Anita informs Tiwari that she found out that Vibhuti is very sincere with his duty and has denied to help anyone who tries to cheat with their bank. Furthermore, Vibhuti gets back from his job and tells Angoori that his manager has refused to help Tiwari and has asked to repay the money as soon as possible.

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