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Today we see that Tilu and his friends find Vibhuti near the tea stall and make fun of him for being a nobody. In the meantime, Saxena comes there and tells them to beat him up and offers 2,000 rupees. Vibhuti thrashes Saxena along with Tilu and his friends and earns 2,000 rupees in return. Later, an unknown person walks up to Vibhuti and tells him that he is the manager of a bank and tells him to visit his bank whenever he is free. 

Tiwari informs Anita that he has skipped 2 installments of the bank loan and is worried as the bank officials are constantly calling him for the money. Anita motivates him and tells Tiwari to stay strong as God will surely help him. Tiwari gets back in his house and starts having alcohol to divert his mind. Vibhuti enters his house wherein Tiwari tells him to leave as he is already tensed. Vibhuti tries to take a sip from Tiwari’s glass but gets insulted for touching his glass.

Tilu, Malkan and Teeka accompany Vibhuti and decide to meet the manager of the bank. Vibhuti tells Tilu that he will study the job profile and then will think of working with them. The bank manager walks in and tells them that they have recovered money from the people who refuse to repay the loan amount or skip the installments. Tilu asks the manager about their salary and learns that they will get a 10% commission on every recovery. Vibhuti decides to work for the ‘Bank of Bhagoda’ as a recovery agent.

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