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The episode starts with Trilochan saying, “This will be the first Diwali of Das family and Roy Choudhary family together!”

Thakuma :  “Nowwww…, will you all keep talking only?  Don’t we have to do the arrangements for Diwali???”

Sampoorna :  “Yes, yes Thakuma.  I’ve lots of work.”  And Sampoorna leaves.

Trilochan :  “I have to send the invitation card of my grandchildren’s Naamkaran ceremony to all the renowned people of Bengal.” Trilochan proudly says, “Arreyy, it’s the Naamkaran of Roy Choudharys.  We’ll celebrate it with great pomp.”

Everyone starts preparing and making arrangements for Diwali.  Trilochan is busy in sending invitation cards.  Binoy is preparing the list of guests.  Somnath is making paper lanterns with Tapur.  Tupur and Sumati are choosing dresses for the entire family.  Sampoorna is helping Bihari and Kalyani in cleaning.  Shashwati and kids are decorating the diyas.  Thakuma is making flower  garlands.

All the family members are seen busy in decorations of Diwali except Anirudh and Bondita.  Anidita are nowhere to be seen.

In Anidita’s room :-

Anirudh :  “I said na Bondita.  Our kids will have those name only which I’ve decided.”

Bondita :  “Noo Pati babu.  I told na, they’ll get only those names which I have decided.”

Anirudh :  “No Bondita.  They’ll get my decided names.”

Bondita :  “Not at all.  They’ll only get my decided names Pati babu.”

Anidita start arguing.

A sudden thought strikes Anirudh and Bondita.  Both of them together say, “Then what about those names which Kaka and Thakuma have decided??”

Both keep their hands on their foreheads  and sigh.

Bondita :  “Leave it Pati babu.  We’ll see whatever will happen.”

Anirudh :  “Yes Bondita.”

Bondita excitedly says, “Pati babu, did you forget?  Why we had came here??  We’ve to pack the gifts for all the guests.”

Anirudh :  “Ohh yeah yeah Bondita…  I remembered.  Come on, let’s start packing the gifts.”

Anidita pack the gifts.  They decorate the gifts with bright and colourful wrapping papers.

RTM plays  (Rasmon ka mela yahaan par…)

Meanwhile, at a college ground :-

A girl is walking towards the college with her bag.  Some boys are passing by. One among the boys starts teasing the girl.  The girl ignores him.  But the boy comes in front of the girl and abuses her. The boy is laughing loudly at the girl.

Suddenly, to the boy’s surprise, he receives a very hard slap on his face.  He turns back while angrily saying, “Agggghhhhh…!!  Who dared to raise a hand on me???”

The girl(who has slapped the boy) says, “Suraj, now you’ve got only a slight slap on your face.  But if you won’t change your worst habit, then……”  Suraj interrupts her saying, “Then??  What you’ll do then????  Haannn?  And who are you to stop me??  Get lost from here.  You can’t do anything to me, okay..  Mind your own business, don’t try to interfere between others.  I’ll do whatever I like. Let me see who stops me.”

Suraj starts whistling in front of girls.  The girl who had slapped Suraj is looking exactly same like Bondita.  She’s Bondita’s lookalike.  Bondita’s lookalike goes near Suraj and starts beating him.

Bondita’s lookalike :  “It’s you who is interfering between others, not me.  Mind your own business, don’t try to mingle with girls.  And, you’ll do whatever you like, right?  Then, I’ll also do whatever I like.  No one can stop me..”

Bondita’s lookalike is beating Suraj very badly.  All of a sudden, a woman comes at the scene.  The woman angrily says, “Hey girl!  Who are you?  Don’t you have any shame???  How dare you beat my son??  Leave my son at once.”

Bondita’s lookalike says, “Mishti, my name is Mishti…  But I behave like Mishti (behave sweetly) only with those people who deserve it.  And those who don’t deserve, I behave like chilli with them.  And, instead of asking me, you should ask your son that whether he has any shame or not.”

Suraj immediately lies, “No no Ma.. She’s lying.  I was just going to the college, and this girl slapped me for no reason.  And when I asked her that why did she slap me, then she started beating me.  I’m innocent Maaaa…”  Saying this, Suraj starts shedding fake tears.

Suraj’s mom says to Suraj, “I know beta, you’re completely innocent.  Don’t worry, I’ll complain to Mishti’s dad that she hitted you.”

Mishti :  “Go go, complain to anyone.  I don’t care.  But I can never tolerate any girl’s or woman’s insult.  No one can do anything wrong with girls till I am here.”

Mishti says to Suraj, “Your parents have given you wrong name.  Let me give you the correct name.  Your name shouldn’t be Suraj, your name should be Andhera⛼(Darkness).  Because, you always spread darkness and negativity around you.”

Suraj’s mom :  “Come Suraj beta, let’s go from here.  This girl is really shameless.  We shouldn’t hear her nonsense talks.”

Mishti to Suraj’s mom :  “Yes yes Kaki, please go.  But before going, listen my last warning.  If I ever found your son teasing any girl, I won’t spare him.  I’ll lodge a complaint against him in police station.  Then think what will happen to your son. Police will arrest him, he’ll rot in jail; and then you will keep crying for your whole life.  My lovely Kaki ji, control your Andhera, otherwise I very well know how to handle boys like him.”  Mishti laughs when Suraj angrily leaves with his mom.

Then, Mishti turns to the girl (whom Suraj had teased).  Mishti says, “Suchi, why do you keep tolerating his taunts everytime?  Why don’t you scold him??”

Suchi :  “Mishti didi, I don’t have such courage like you to answer him back.  Btw, thank you sooo much for saving me today.”

Mishti :  “Arrey Suchiii, courage is not any object, it’s an emotion which every human has.  All you need to do is recognise that emotion and….”

Suchi interrupts Mishti by saying, “No no Mishti didi.  Please don’t tell me such things.  My Ma-Baba will throw me out of the house if I raise my voice against this.  So, it’s better to ignore such people.”

Mishti says, “But dear, till what time you’ll keep ignoring them??  There will be a day when….”  Before Mishti could complete her statement, Suchi had left from there.

After Suchi had gone, Mishti exclaims to herself, “How to change the thoughts of this society?”

At a Haveli :-

People are decorating the Haveli for Diwali.  A maid says, “How nice is this Diwali festival!!!  I really loveee it a lottttttt..  The sky looks like heaven when it’s lit up with fire-crackers!!”   Suddenly, a person comes and slaps the maid.  The person says, “How dare you speak such things?  I had told you na, don’t take the word Diwali in front of me. I hate this Diwali.  If you’ll take this word again in front of me, then I’ll snatch your voice, got it???”

The maid bows down saying, “I’m very sorry Memsahab(Madam).  Please forgive me this time.  I won’t say that again.  Soooo sorry…”

The person gives a cold look to the maid and angrily removes all the Diwali decorations.  She shouts, “No Diwali will be celebrated here.”

The very beautiful☺ and gorgeous Mishti comes there.  Mishti says to the angry person, “What do you get by shouting like this??  If you don’t like Diwali, then don’t celebrate.  But we all want to celebrate, and we will definitely celebrate. You can’t stop us.  You’re my didi,  I respect you a lottttttt…  But, that doesn’t mean you’ll snatch people’s happiness.  Everyone gets happiness by celebrating festivals.  Please let them celebrate, don’t be too angry.  Forget the past and start a new beginning.”

The angry person says, “Mishti, you can never understand my pain. You say anything, but I won’t let anyone celebrate Diwali in front of me.”

Mishti proudly says, “Mishti does whatever she finds right.  And celebrating festivals is right, so everyone will celebrate Diwali.  No one can stop, huhhhhh… Saying this, Mishti walks away in a style,  leaving the angry person dejected.

The face of the angry person is shown.  She’s none other than Saudamini..!!!

Saudamini closes her fists and grits her teeth in anger.  She says to herself, “Even today, I remember that night of Diwali when Anirudh had deceived me and made me to blurt out the truth.”  Saudamini recalls how Anirudh trapped her in his plan and how she blurted the entire truth in front of the villagers;  then how Trilochan slapped her and told her to get out of Roy Choudhary Haveli.

Saudamini :  “Huhhhhhhhh… I hate this word Diwali.  Those Roy Choudharys had insulted me on Diwali, I haven’t forgotten anything.  I’ll surely surellyyyy take revenge from them.  And especially that Bondita, I’ll never spare that Bondita.  My life got ruined because of her, I’ll snatch her happiness, I won’t let her remain in peace.  She might be thinking that Buri didi won’t come back, but she’s wrong.  Buri didi has returned, and she’ll definitely take her revenge.  Be ready Roy Choudharys.  Saudamini is coming to take revenge from you all…”

It’s night :-

In Samnoy’s room –

Shashwati isn’t getting sleep.  She says to Sampoorna, “Ma, everyone’s Baba plays with them, but my Baba never played with me.”  And Shashwati makes a cute pout.  Binoy laughs and says, “Shashwati beta, today your Baba will also play with you.”  Shashwati gets very happy and says, “Shotti baba?”

Binoy :  “Yes beta, shotttttiiiiiii…. Soooooo, what does my pyaari bitiya (lovely daughter)  wants to play today??

Shashwati :  “Baba, I want to play Ghoda-Gaadi(Horse-vehicle).  Will you play with me???”

Binoy :  “Why not beta? I’ll surely play with you.  I’ll become your horse, and you will ride on me; okay??”

Shashwati :  “Ok Baba.”

Binoy sits on his knees, he bends down and becomes a horse for Shashwati. Shashwati climbs on Binoy’s back.  Then Binoy crawls on the floor with Shashwati on his back.  Shashwati and Binoy are laughing loudly.  Sampoorna gets tears of happiness after seeing Shashwati and Binoy laughing.

After playing, Shashwati says, “I’m not getting sleep now also.  Baba, will you please tell me a nice story?”

Binoy :  Sure sure beta.

Binoy narrates a very nice story to Shashwati.  Shashwati sleeps like a little fairy  while Binoy caresses her hairs.

In Anidita’s room –

Anirudh :  “Bondita, when will we file a case against women harrassment?”

Bondita :  “Pati babu, tomorrow is Diwali.  Let’s enjoy the festival with joy.  And after that, we’ll together fight for women rights against this society.”

Anirudh :  “Okay Bondita.”

Anirudh yawns and says, “I’m very tired Bondita.  We’ve lots of work tomorrow also.  Let’s sleep now.”

Bondita :  “Yes Pati babu.”

Anidita sleep after saying “I love you” to each other.

Meanwhile, at another place, Mishti is looking outside the window while thinking, “What can I do to change the societal norms?  I want to change the mindset of this evil patriarchal society.  But how??  Hmmmmmmm…. Let it be.  Tomorrow is Diwali.  We will celebrate it with lots of happiness, after that I’ll think of something to change the society.”

It’s morning :-

All the people of the entire Tulsipur are busy in decorating their homes.

In Roy Choudhary Haveli –

The servants are decorating the Roy Choudhary Haveli.  Bondita is instructing them and making them run from one place to another.

Bondita says to Bihari, “Arrey Bhari babu, I told you to put those lights here na, why did you put there?”  Bihari says, “Sorry Choti-Malkin, I forgot.”  Bihari brings the lights and puts them at correct place.

Bondita says to Kalyani, “Ohhhooo Kalyani didi, I told you to hang the torans(flower garlands) on the doors, why have you hanged them on the windows??”  Kalyani regretfully says, “Uffff… Please forgive me Bondita ji.  I did a big mistake. I’ll hang them on the doors right away.”  Kalyani hangs the torans on the doors.

Then, Bondita, Tupur and Tapur draw a very beautiful rangoli at the doorstep of Roy Choudhary Haveli.  Somnath and Anirudh hang beautiful chandeliers all over the Haveli.

Binoy gives the menu to Bihari by saying, “Bihari, all the food items mentioned in the list must be prepared. Soo many guests are arriving today, there shouldn’t be any mistake, okay?”

Bihari :  “Okay Malik. I’ll prepare all the food items with the help of Kalyani.”

But before Bihari could go to the kitchen, Trilochan tells him, “Arreyyy Bihari, decorate the Puja ki Thaali (Worshipping plate)  and bring it to me.”   Bihari scratches his head while thinking, “Which work should I do first?  The one which Binoy Malik has assigned or the one which Trilochan Malik has assigned??”

Trilochan shouts, “Bihariiiiiii… Don’t you listen???  I told you to bring Puja ki Thaali.  Go immediately……”

Bihari : “Ji, ji, I’m going Bade-Malik.”

Bihari is about to go when Binoy comes there saying, “Heyy Bihari!!!  You’re still here, haannn??  Can’t you listen?  I told you to prepare all the food items mentioned in the list.  Go at once……”

Poor Bihari again gets confused as what he should do.

Trilochan says to Binoy, “Arey Binoy, food can be prepared later also. But, puja is the most important; so let Bihari bring Puja ki Thaali.”

Binoy says to Trilochan, “Arrreyyyy Da, Puja ki Thaali can come at anytime.  Food is the most important thing.  Let Bihari prepare the food.”

Trilochan :  “Noooo.. Puja ki Thaali….”

Binoy : “Noo noooooo food…”

Trilochan :  “Puja ki Thaaliiiiii…….”

Binoy :  “Foooooodddd..”

Trilochan and Binoy start arguing.

Sampoorna and Bondita come there.  Bondita says, “Please calm down Sasurji and Kakasasurji.”

Binoy and Trilochan together say, “But how Bondita bahu???  How can we calm down?”

Bondita says to Trilochan, “Kakasasurji, your Puja ki Thaali is already decorated.  Sampoorna Ma has decorated it.”  Then, the smart Bondita turns to Binoy and says, “Sasurji, most of the food items mentioned in your menu are already prepared.  Me and Sampoorna ma have prepared them.  And, I have also made the special sweets for Diwali!! And Bhari babu & Kalyani didi will prepare the remaining food items.  Sooooo noww.., is there any point to argue?”

Trilochan and Binoy chorus, “Noooooooooooo…. Not at alllllll…….”

Trilochan :  “My Bondita bahu is really very smart!  She always has ready-made solution for all our problems.  Thank you Bondita bahu.”

Binoy :  “Yes yes, my Bondita bahu is the greatest of all.  She’s the bestestttttt…  Roy Choudhary Haveli is like a heaven only because of the Angel named Bondita.  Thank you so much my Bondita bahu.”

Trilochan :  “Arey Binoy!!  Why are you saying like My Bondita bahu?  What’s this My Bondita Bahu???  Haaannnn?”

Binoy :  “Yes Da, she’s my sweetesttttt Bondita bahu.”

Trilochan :  “No, she’s my dearesttt Bondita bahu.”

Both the twin brothers argue for some time then Binoy says, “Ok okay Da. She is your Bondita bahu.  And she’s my Daughter, my Bondita beti.”

Everyone laughs.

Sampoorna says to herself, “How nice it feels to hear the arguments of these brothers!  May this relation remains as it is forever..”

To everyone’s surprise, Thakuma comes there and says, “Ashubh mahurat waali baarat, Aur kaam ke bich mein baat; Dono hi khatarnaak hote hain. (Marriage procession of inauspicious time, And talking while working; Both are dangerous.)  Soo, if your conversation is over then please start your work.  Panditji and guests will be arriving in some time.  Don’t you all have to get ready???”

Trilochan :  “Yes yes Kallindi ji.  But when we talk while working then the work becomes easier and more interesting!”

Thakuma :  “Jyadi baat, Jyadi laat; Tabhi samjhe mard jaat.”

Thakuma smirks  and leaves from there.

Everyone goes to get ready.

Bondita is trying to hang a beautiful curtain on the door of Anidita’s room.  She’s not able to reach at the top, so she brings a stool and climbs on it.  Bondita is looking up, but her stool is getting imbalanced.  Bondita is about to fall when Anirudh catches her.  Bondita falls on Anirudh and both of them fall on the ground.  The beautiful curtain falls on them covering them.  They have an eyelock.  Moh moh ke dhaage plays…

After some time, Tapur comes there.  She sees Anidita looking into the eyes of each other with a curtain covering them, so she says, “Oops!  Sorry, sorry;  sorrrryyyy..”  And Tapur leaves.

Anidita get up.

Anirudh :  “Bondita, why were you standing like that on a stool?  If anything would’ve happened to you then???”

Bondita :  “Nothing can happen to Bondita till her Pati babu is here.  Isn’t it Pati babu??”

Anirudh :  “Yeah of course Bondita.  Your Pati babu was, is, and will always be there with you forever…”

Anidita smile.

Bondita :  “So Pati babu, please help your Bondita in hanging this curtain.”

Anirudh :  “For sure my Bondita.”

Anirudh lifts Bondita and Bondita hangs the beautiful curtain on the door of Anidita’s room.  Bondita thanks Anirudh and Anidita go to get ready.

Meanwhile in the kitchen :-

Bihari and Kalyani are busy in making food.

Bihari :  “Arey Hamri bala ki Mehraroo! (Ohh my sweet wife!)  Binoy Malik has given a lott of foods to cook today.”

Kalyani :  “Yesss, I’m very tired today.”

Bihari :  “Bondita Malkin made us to run sooo much today.”

Kalyani :  “Not only Bondita Malkin; Trilochan Malik, Anirudh babu, Sampoorna Malkin, Thakuma ji and everyone made us to work very hard today.”

Bihari :  “What else we servants can do?  We have to follow our Maliks’ orders.”

Kalyani :  “Yeah, we’ll have to work fast now.  A lot of works are still pending.”

In Anidita’s room –

Bondita is getting ready.  She wears the jewellery.  Bondita’s BGM plays  (Sa pa ni sa re ma ga sa…..)   Her pearl-like eyes are shown.  Then her most mesmerising smile.   Bondita applies Sindoor in her peahen-like hairline.  Finally, finally, the most beautiful and most gorgeous Bondita has gotten ready.  She sees her final look in the mirror🛡 and she covers her face with both her hands.

Bondita comes to Anirudh.  Anirudh is dressing up Anidita’s twins.  Anirudh looks at Bondita and his heartbeat stops for a moment.  He gazes at Bondita with love in his eyes and heart.  He doesn’t have any words to admire Bondita.  A single look of her diamond-like brightesttttttt eyes is more than enough to make any person fall for them.  She’s looking like a real Angel. Anirudh just keeps staring at her.

Bondita :  “Pati babu, Pati babu, why are you gazing at me like this?”

Anirudh :  “Then what else I can do Bondita???  Have you left me capable of doing any work??”

Bondita blushes.

Anirudh :  “Ye Chaand sa roshan chehra, Julfon ka rang sunehra;  Ye jheel si neeli aakhen, Koi raaz hai inmein gehra; Taarif karun kya uski jisne tumhein banaya!!”  (This Moon-like face, Golden-coloured hairs; This stream-like blue eyes, There’s some deep secret in them;  How to praise the one who made you???)

Bondita :  “You also na Pati babu? You keep saying anything.. Huhhh…..”

Anirudh :  “Arrey Bondita, is it wrong to praise someone??  Not at allll…”

Bondita :  “Ok ok Pati babu, we’ll talk about this later.  Because if we start talking na, then we won’t stop.”

Both Anirudh and Bondita laugh.

Anidita wrap their angelic babies in two most beautiful velvet clothes and bring them down.

Meanwhile, Mishti is helping the servants in her Haveli with decoration.  Then, she makes Diwali sweets.  After that, Mishti draws a beautiful rangoli on her doorstep.

In Roy Choudhary Haveli :-

All the guests arrive.  Panditji arrives.  The Roy Choudharys welcome them.

Trilochan says, “First, we’ll perform the Naamkaran ceremony of my grandchildren.”

Panditji :  “Okay Jamindaar babu.”

Panditji performs the puja for naming ceremony alongwith Anidita and their babies. Then, Panditji says, “Now, it’s time to give two good names to these angelic babies.”

Thakuma comes there and says, “I’ve brought those two gold necklaces of my great-grandchildren with their names carved on it.  I’ll give them right now.”

Trilochan stops Thakuma saying, “No no noo, I’ve brought those two silver necklaces with my grandchildren’s names carved on it.  I’m giving them.”

Anirudh :  “Nooooo, I have decided two beautiful names for my children.  They’ll get those names only.”

Bondita :  “Nooo noooooo noooooooooo… Not at all……  I’m their mum.  I’ve decided two most unique names for my children, they’ll get those names only.”

Thakuma :  “Neverrrr… My decided names only.”

Trilochan :  “No, my decided names only.”

Bondita :  “Not at all…  My decided names only..”

Anirudh :  “Neverrr everrrrrrr….. They’ll get my decided names only.”

Trilochan, Thakuma, Anirudh and Bondita start arguing.

Sampoorna calms them saying, “Ok ok okkkk… Everyone please please please calm down. You won’t get anything by arguing like this.  Hmmmmm…  Let’s do one thing.  Let’s leave this decision on Panditji.  After all, he knows much better than all of us.  What do you say?”

Everyone agrees to this idea.

Sampoorna continues, “Soooo, Thakuma and Jethji will handover those necklaces to Panditji by hiding the carved names.  Then, Anirudh and Bondita will write the names which they’ve decided on a paper and they’ll handover those papers to Panditji.  After that, Panditji will choose the best names among those for our little Roy Choudharys.”

All chorus, “Great idea!!”

Trilochan and Thakuma handover their silver and gold necklaces to Panditji.  Anidita write the names on a paper and handover it to Panditji.

Panditji sees all the names and he gets shocked!!!

Everyone gets tensed seeing Panditji’s reaction..

Then Panditji says, “It’s really a very happy and great thing!!  All the family members have chosen the same names for these babies!!!!!!!”

All get astonished after hearing this!!!

Panditji clears his voice and announces, “Ahem.. Ahemmmmm….  Soooooo, the names which all the family members have chosen for these babies are….. areeeeee……….  arrrrreeeeeeeeee……………  ANIRBON and ANINDITA…!!!!!!!    Yesssssssssss,  all of you have chosen these two names only for the cutest and most beautiful babies of Roy Choudhary family!!!”


I have kept the boy’s name Anirbon, but it’s actually Anirban. In Bengali, the pronunciation of ‘a’ is mostly ‘o’, like Rasgulla is called Roshogulla, Bandita is called Bondita; so same way, Anirban is called Anirbon.  Also, Anirudh’s and Bondita’s names come in Anirbon, that’s why I’ve kept his name Anirbon.  One more reason is that the babies are twins. So, it seems very cute when their names are in rhymes. That’s the reason I chose Anirbon and Anindita.

P.S. :- If you don’t like the names, then I’ll change it.)

Everyone gets overwhelmed by hearing this!  They murmur among themselves, “Wow!  Such unique and angelic names for the angelic babies!!  How cute it looks to call them – Anirbon and Anindita!!!!”

Panditji puts the gold and silver necklaces brought by Trilochan and Thakuma in the babies’ necks.  Both the necklaces have the same names carved on it – “Anirbon” and “Anindita”.

Bondita says to Anirudh, “Pati babu, they’re our Anirbon and Anindita.”

Anirudh says, “Yes Bondita.”

Sampoorna :  “Anirbon is made up of Anirudh and Bondita.”

Tupur :  “And, Anindita is also made up of Anirudh & Bondita.”

Tapur :  “Soo now, our Anirbon and Anindita will be same like our Anirudh Jamai babu and Bondita didi.”

All laugh at this.

Trilochan :  “Arreyyyy, now only Naamkaran is done.  We’ve to do sooo many rituals.  Come fast for Lakshmi-puja now.”

All the family members and guests come to the temple in the Haveli for performing  Lakshmi-puja. Trilochan keeps Lakshmi Ma’s idol of gold.  Anidita do the aarti.  Jai Lakshmi Mata plays…  Then, Bondita gives the aarti to everyone. All take Lakshmi Ma’s blessings.

On the other side, Mishti is performing Lakshmi-puja with the servants and maids.  She looks soo happy.

After that; Anirudh, Bondita, Tapur, Tupur, Somnath and Sampoorna decorate the entire Roy Choudhary Haveli by lighting diyas everywhere.

All of a sudden, Shashwati comes there and says, “Dada, Boudi, won’t we burst firecrackers today?”

Bondita :  “No Shashwati. Firecrackers are very harmful for the environment.”

Somnath :  “Yes Shashwati, they cause a lot of harm to animals and birds.”

Anirudh :  “And they’re also very dangerous for human beings.”

Sampoorna :  “They cause too much of pollution.”

Shashwati gets sad and says, “Ok dada, Boudi and Ma.”

Bondita notices Shashwati’s sadness and says, “Shashwati, you know what?  We’re going to do something very interesting today!”

Shashwati excitedly asks, “What is it Masi??”

Bondita :  “Come, and see for yourself.”

Meanwhile, Mishti is explaining the harmful effects of firecrackers to her neighbours and asking them not to burn crackers.

At Roy Choudhary Haveli :-

Bondita takes a loudspeaker and announces, “Listen, listen, listen… Everyone please listen. Today, on the auspicious day of Diwali, we are going to do something special and very interesting. Soo, are you all ready????”

All chorus, “Yessssssssssss….”

Bondita continues, “Okay, so wait and watch.”

Suddenly, all the lights get turned off.  There’s complete darkness. Nothing can be seen.

Then, all of a sudden, a slight ray of light appears.  A stage is shown.  Then, the stage gets lit up with disco lights.  And there appears a beautiful and very gorgeous girl.  She’s Bondita.  Bondita performs a very awesome and mind-blowing dance.  Bahaara Bahaara song plays….

Then appears a peacock-like handsome boy.  He’s Anirudh.  He also performs a superb dance.  Tere mast mast do nain song plays…..   Bondita shies while Anirudh dances.

After that, Shashwati and the orphan kids dance.  Itti si hansi, itti si khushi song plays….

And then, Trilochan and Thakuma perform.  Aap yahan aaye kisliye song plays…

Then, Tapur and Tupur perform.  Ek hazaaron mein meri behna hai plays…. Tapur-Tupur involve Bondita also in their dance.

After that, Somnath performs. Swag se swaagat plays…

Then, Bihari and Kalyani perform.  Jaane kaahan mera jigar gaya ji plays…..

On other side, Mishti dances with the children of maids and servants.  Ye dosti hum nahi todenge plays…

Saudamini has locked herself in a very dark room.  She is getting very irritated and angry due to the chaos of the festival.

Mishti and her friends together say, “Shubho Diwali to all!!”

At Roy Choudhary Haveli :-

In the end, all the family members and guests dance.  Hum saath saath hain plays…  After dancing, all of them together say, “Shubho Diwali!!!”

Then, Roy Choudharys give a grand feast to all the guests.  The guests enjoy the food very much.

After that, Anidita give the gifts(which they had wrapped yesterday night)  to all the guests and the guests leave.

Roy Choudhary family and Das family enjoy the dinner.

Then, they all chorus, “Shubho Deepawali to you all from Roy Choudhary and Das families!!!!”

The episode ends. 

Update Credit: Khushi(a)Barbie


Batuk angrily says, “That Bondita made my family, even my Big D against me. She snatched my nephew and niece from me. I won’t spare her. I’m coming to snatch your happiness Bondita. But this time, I’m not alone. I have a very huge weapon with me this time. No one can stop me now…”

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