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As the episode starts, it turns out to be Jigar who snatched the keys away from Anandi. He helps her get the pan from the storeroom. Anandi is so scared of the store that she can’t even bear to stand there without Jigar. Anandi brings the pan to the kitchen with the help of Jigar. Ratan is heartbroken as she sees her daughter’s struggle. Ratan asks her why she didn’t tell her about the Punishment. Anandi tells her mother there was nothing to tell, as she only got what she deserved.

Ratan watches her daughter clean up the table after the family has had dinner and Maadi Baa announces that the daughters-in-law can have food now. Ratan watches Anandi sleep and she realizes that her daughter was changed because of her harsh treatment from her in-laws. Ratan decides to give priority to her daughter rather than others from now on. The next morning Khimji asks Ratan why she is in a hurry to leave and she decides not to tell him about Anandi’s hardships instead tells them Anandi will be in trouble if she misses her school.

The next morning, Khimji consoles Premji and the rest of them before he bids them farewell. Just as he and Ratan are about to leave, Premji tells them he hasn’t been permitted to leave. Khimji and Ratan are upset as to what he is trying to say. Premji tells them Anandi will stay with them as their daughter-in-law from now on. Khimji asks Maadi Baa to talk some sense into Premji and Maadi Baa tells them they have already made the decision. As the episode ends, Anandi is seen playing stepping stones with Kankku as the family is busy deciding her future.