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In today’s episode, Kiara wishes Anandi all the best. Anandi gives her project to Kiara for submissions and Kiara thanks her and tells her designs her really good. Jigar calls someone and scolds him for not reaching on time. Kanku overhears him and informs Anand. Anandi gets into a taxi. The driver takes her through a long route and takes her to different places. Anandi sees Jigar and realizes the driver is his friend. Jigar holds her hand and his friend tries to get the photos from her bag. Anandi bites Jigar’s hand and runs. 

Kanku informs Anand that Jigar and Anandi haven’t reached the court. Usha wonders where Anandi is. The judge gets angry and asks where Anandi is and tells she will adjourn the case. Anandi enters the court and asks her to give her a chance. Anandi tells the judge that Jigar deliberately made her reach the court late. She tells them that she was married when she was eight months old and now she’s ready to fight for her rights. Anand is on his way Jigar tells the judge that she’s lying as he reached before her. Anandi requests the judge and she agrees to listen. Jigar’s lawyer tells that Anandi and Jigar got married when she was 18 with her consent and submits the legal papers and photos to the judge. 

Usha tells that it was for the people to think that they got married that day but they were already wed when Anandi was 8 months old and tells she can prove it. Anandi tries to find her childhood marriage photo in her bag but is shocked to see that it’s missing and is relaxed by another photo. The judge gets angry at Anandi and asks them if they’re joking. Usha asks the judge to give her another chance as Anandi is not lying. Later, the Judge agrees to give another date.

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