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In today’s episode, Ram thinks he’ll take revenge for all the things she has annoyed him for. Ram tells Priya that Brinda and Aditya are waiting down for them at breakfast and tells her to get ready and come since she must’ve been tired because of last night. Priya wonders why he’s talking differently. Aditya tells Brinda that he saw Neeraj and Priya that day in the bakery and Ram overhears them and tells Adi not to overreact as she might’ve gone there to ask Neeraj’s help as Akshay went missing. 

Brinda tells Priya is coming and Ram tells Adi to play along with him. Priya comes and Ram acts like he’s talking to someone and cuts the call and Adi asks him who he was talking to. Ram tells he was talking to Vedika. Priya asks him why he was saying sorry to her and questions Ram if she embarrassed him last night. Shashi calls Ram and tells him that he will come to the hotel to get the papers signed. Priya goes to Vedika’s house and Manjunath comes to her house and rings the bell, Vedika goes to get the door. 

Priya texts Ram and tells him that she is at Vedika’s house to apologise. Ram fears she we’ll get to know he was joking and leaves the meeting. Ram calls Priya and tells her to not apologise and trust him. Priya says, yes she does, however, Ram couldn’t hear her as his earpods fell down and thus he starts arguing with her. Priya tells Vedika she’ll leave and Manjunath hides from her. Ram reaches Vedika’s house and she tells him that Priya has left. Shivina comes to Meera’s house and finds Priya there. She apologises to Sarika and gives her a perfume she bought for Akshay. 

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