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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2, 15th October 2021, Written Update: Akshay's return leaves all stunned
In today’s episode, Ram asks if Akshay doesn’t want to marry Shivina. Priya enters and tells Shivina that Akshay would never leave her and he has gone to meet the producer early in the morning so he can finish the meeting on time. Shubham intervenes her and tells that she shouldn’t waste her time explaining things that people already know. Priya tells that Akshay had lost his phone so they couldn’t reach him and when they saw the mail regarding the role offer, they went in search of him. Shivina asks where Akshay is and he comes into the house and Nandini is shocked to see him back. 
Priya tells Shivina that Akshay would never leave her since he has promised her that and he would agree to the offer of travelling abroad for 15 days only if he could take Shivina along. Akshay tells that when the producer didn’t agree with his condition, he denied the job and tells Ram that he loves Shivina and nothing is more important to him than her. Ram asks Adi for a drink and Priya gives him a stare and tells him that since he has high BP, he shouldn’t drink. Priya tells her sisters that she went back to the office to check again and caught Raj spying behind a car and told him to take her to the office and that is where she found Akshay in the office. 
Priya thinks that Manjunath was behind all this and that’s why Raj was spying for him. Shivina comes and tells that this marriage can take place after 15 days also, so Akshay shouldn’t give up on his opportunity.
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