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We just want to state it loud and proud that we absolutely love Jungkook in every avatar of his! It is no secret that BTS’ duality is almost shocking considering how they can look like absolute greek gods ascended from heavenly skies when performing on stage to adorable, dorky boys in their 20s in their free time. Honestly, it is mind-boggling!

BTS’ supremely talented golden maknae Jeon Jungkook honestly boasts of a plethora of talents! Jungkook is a singer-songwriter, composer, performer, GCF director/editor, photographer, painter, pro-gamer, ace sportsman and artist! Even though his stage name is the same as his real name, ARMYs call him Kookie and Koo as well.

However, there is one side of Jungkook every fan loves a little more, right? Well, to answer this burning question, you need to answer a few random questions and we will reveal whether you love BTS’ Jungkook or Kookie! Sounds easy and fun? Well, take the quiz now!

Take the quiz below:

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