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Agatha Harkness series: Wanda Vision spin-off is coming: what we know about the series dedicated to Agatha Harkness
Agatha Harkness series: Wanda Vision spin-off is coming: what we know about the series dedicated to Agatha Harkness

The 2021 Emmy Awards may have the Wanda Vision miniseries, but Disney has realized the potential of one of the first Marvel series to land on its own Disney+ platform. After months of rumors and requests from fans, the long-awaited confirmation has come from the same actress Kathryn Hahn: yes, Agatha Harkness will have a series dedicated to her on Disney+.

The confirmation (arrived during an interview with the actress) is official and not only: the project already seems busy . In fact, Disney would have already outlined the structure of the production and decided to assign it to Disney+: so it will most likely be a new miniseries, along the lines of what has been seen for Loki. Not bad for Agatha Harkness, the Marvel comic book character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the 1970s, who before 2020 was best known to avid American comic readers.

Agatha Harkness Series

Also an important milestone for the interpreter Kathryn Hahn , which has experienced a huge popularity surge thanks to Wanda Vision (and her song hit Agatha All Along). Who knows if this announcement is a prelude to the possibility of seeing Agatha in theaters too, in an MCU movie.

What do we know about the Wanda Vision Spin-Off Series?

The production, as yet without an official title, must have a serial character and presented on Disney+. Central to the project should be: actress Kathryn Hahn, nominated for an Emmy this year for the role of Agatha. The interpreter is expected to reprise her iconic role as the sorceress and villain of the Marvel world.

In addition to Wanda Vision, the spin-off dedicated to Agatha Harkness will not be the “regular” Marvel series divided between action and superheroism. The main character of the series called it a black comedy: Given the experimental nature of Wanda Vision, it is likely that even his rib will have an unexpected tone and characteristics. However, as far as more specific details about the plot are concerned, everything is still top secret.

Given the nature of Agatha’s character, the most likely option at this point is: a series focused on the character of the sorceress, which perhaps tells her story before the events of Wanda Vision, somewhat like Loki, the only other series (for now) devoted to a villain among those arriving at Disney+. All roads are still open: the series could go in a completely different direction, perhaps linking directly to the fourth phase of the Marvel universe and to the upcoming movies.

Jac Schaeffer writes spin-off about Agatha Harkness

Jac Schaeffer will write the series: Disney has therefore opted for an approach based on the “team that wins you don’t change”. Jac Schaeffer was in fact the showrunner of WandaVision , as well as having made her bones at Disney and then Marvel by writing female characters in comic or superhero contexts. In fact, it contributed to the scripts of two films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Captain Marvel and Black Widow however, in both cases it does not appear in the credits principali. La’s brilliant signing and comic vein were already palpable in die Persuaders (2019), a female remake of Two sons of…, starring Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson as two crooks competing with each other.

Schaeffer will be part of the project as both lead screenwriter and producer: This is the first title child of the contract the writer signed last May with the entertainment giant and with 20th Television.

When we see the Agatha Harkness spin-off

So the Agatha Harkness series is going to take place, but when? This remains the main stumbling block and the point on which neither Schaeffer nor Hahn wanted to comment. The panorama of Disney + miniseries right now – between upcoming titles and ongoing series – is real Busy, not to mention that with the resumption of theatrical distribution, the link between series and MCU films is likely to become closer again.

Not only that: Emmy nominee Kathryn Hahn’s schedule is pretty busy right now, too. In the coming months we will even start with a series for Showtime in which the actress will play comedian Joan Rivers, just announced by the broadcaster. Hahn also already has a series of the Apple brand titled The Shrink Next Door on his agenda , without forgetting that he will be one of the many stars of the very large cast of the second Knives Out movie, also directed by Rian Johnson. In short: for the time being we know that a series about Agatha Harkness will be made, but to see it coming in streaming the times can also get very long.

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