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Following the release and enormous popularity of The Mandalorian in 2019, and the recent release of The Book of Boba Fett, Star Wars fans have been rife with conjecture about the future of live-action Star Wars series. With Star Wars being one of Disney’s main franchises and its Disney Plus streaming service, fans can expect more and more episodes to be produced in the future. Naturally, with a big fan following and a lot of material on which to construct storylines, many fans are hoping that some of their favourite characters will receive their own spin-off shows in the near future. However, we’ve chosen 5 Star Wars characters who haven’t had their moment in the spotlight and, as a result, deserve an origin storyline.


Darth Vader


Darth Vader, everyone’s favourite Sith Lord and arguably the most famous character in all of Star Wars, is a suitable candidate for his own spin-off series. Vader is a fan favourite and one of the most compelling characters in the franchise, with Anakin Skywalker’s descent into the dark side, transformation into Vader, and eventual redemption serving as the main plot of the first two film trilogies. Vader’s inner conflict and personal troubles caused by the loss of his wife Padme, as well as his betrayal of the Jedi Order, make him an extraordinarily complicated character. A mini-series centered on Vader set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope may provide a more in-depth look at his hardships, and there would undoubtedly be demand for it.




Darth Maul


Venom proved that audiences are hungry for movies starring bad (-ish) guys, so why not devote a spinoff film to this colorful Sith Lord? Naturally, there are various paths a Maul series might go. It could be an origins tale for him set prior to The Phantom Menace and being schooled by Palpatine, or it could be set during the Empire’s years, where he served as the head of Crimson Dawn. Regardless of the path Disney may choose, I’m sure many fans would welcome Darth Maul’s return for his own series.






Baby Yoda isn’t the same as the real Yoda. But doesn’t that make you even more interested about Yoda’s origins? After all, you could argue that the finest thing about the prequels is the Yoda history they provide. While the backstories of most important Star Wars characters are quite detailed, most of Yoda’s has yet to be revealed in canon, to the point where his species in the galaxy is unclear. We also know that his species, whatever it is, ages exceedingly slowly. Grogu, a Force user of the same species as Yoda, is 50 years old but looks to be a baby in The Mandalorian. The options for Yoda’s storyline are boundless, and if the showrunners get creative, they could even build a narrative that spans multiple decades, connecting all these distinct eras of Star Wars.



Princess Leia


Given that we live in an era when more and more action films feature female leads, it’s odd that the world’s most popular franchise has yet to execute an origin story for its most iconic princess. The fandom’s enduring affection for the late Carrie Fisher is, of course, the challenge. How do you step into such shoes? Prior to Rogue One, the Star Wars saga had never had a female-led episode. We seem to be overdue for a Leia spin off.








Padmé Amidala


Padmé has the potential to be a fascinating character. We say could because she could have been used far more effectively in the prequel trilogy. Alternatively, we wouldn’t turn down a political thriller starring Senator Amidala. Her job appears to be primarily to provide her with meetings and speeches. We’ve heard she’s a fantastic politician. That’s something we’d like to see more of. Of course, this isn’t asking for House of Cards in space, but rather something that embraces a similar genre while being fascinating.

Which character from Star Wars you think needs a spin off series. Let us know in the comments section below.


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